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What to do when welding the car?  + Reasons for welding a car

What to do when welding the car? + Reasons for welding a car


Everything about car welding

Welding machine It is one of the problems that some machines made in China and … face in hot seasons. Understanding this problem and its causes along with repair methods is very important for drivers, so stay tuned until the end of this article.

Reasons for welding the car

Drivers of Iranian-made cars and some Chinese cars face problems in the hot seasons. One of the most common problems is welding the car, which occurs if the car’s amp is not raised and is accompanied by steam coming out of the hood.

Problems with the cooling system are one of the most common reasons for a car to boil, as heat and heat transfer from inside the radiator do not work properly, resulting in the radiator water becoming too hot.

Some of the factors that affect the welding of the machine are:

• Improper use of coolant

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Use the right coolant for your car

One of the main reasons Car welding The use of cooling is inappropriate. There are many types of cars and other accessories they need today, so you need to act based on the car, the weather conditions and the volume required. It is also best to completely drain and refill the coolant to replace it.

• Water pump failure

The water pump is one of the most important parts of the cooling system, which is responsible for circulating water in the system and causes the car to cool down. Any breakage or problem in this section or fracture will cause it to fail and not flow water.

• Clogged waterway

The presence of fine particles of dust or salts in the tap water can clog the water passage, which can hamper the car’s cooling system.

• Radiator fan failure

If the fan is broken or does not move, the water temperature of the car will rise sharply and you will encounter boiling of the car very soon. Finding fan problems is usually not easy because they have complicated wiring.

• Leakage in the system

Leaks in any part of the car’s cooling system, such as a tank or pipes, reduce the amount of water in the radiator and cause the car to boil. For this purpose, you should check your car to make sure that the pipes and connection points are safe. It is usually normal for such small problems to occur in the cooling system over time. It is not difficult to repair.

• Thermostat failure

If the car’s thermostat fails, the engine temperature and the amount of coolant needed to cool it will not be detected correctly, and stopping the water will cause the car to heat up and boil. The thermostat is one of the most important parts in this system needed to measure the temperature and determine the amount of cooling, and its breakdown and obsolescence can be a problem.

• Damage to the impeller belt

Damage and problems in the belt prevent the impeller from turning and cause the machine to weld. Note that the impeller belt should never be greased and should be replaced more quickly if problems such as rupture are observed. The looseness and stiffness of the impeller belt also affect its performance.

• Other reasons for welding the car

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Boiling a car can have several causes

As mentioned at the beginning, this problem can be caused by many reasons; The main technical defects in the car that cause the car to weld were mentioned in the previous cases. The following are some of the common causes of rising engine temperatures:

– Use heavy gear for a long time while driving

– Driving at the top for long times

– The flatness of the tires

– Delco not adjusted

– Malfunction of the radiator guard door

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Failure of the radiator cap causes the car to boil

In the event of such an event, your actions have a great impact on maintaining the health of car parts, and at the same time, inappropriate actions can be harmful.

What to do when welding the car?

First of all, you should make sure that the problem is the boiling of the radiator water; To do this, do the following:

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Boiling the car can cause serious problems and stay in the way

• Park the car when boiling

Since solving this problem is a bit time consuming, you need a suitable place to hold the car, but you should also stop the car faster. Driving and accelerating in such a situation moves the pistons in the cylinder and raises the engine temperature.

Heavy gears also put pressure on the engine, so it is a mistake to think that driving at low speeds does not put much pressure on the car, and if possible, it is better to take the car to the first parking lot with free gear to take the next steps. Give.

When boiling Do not turn off the car!

Many inexperienced drivers may turn off the car first in such a situation. Not only is this not helpful, but it can also cause a lot of damage if the car is welded, because when the engine shuts down, the flow of water in it also stops and the engine takes longer to cool down.

Of course, the main problem is when the engine at high temperatures causes the rim to stick to the cylinder wall and the engine stops the car and causes a lot of trouble and costs.

• Inspect the vehicle

At this stage, check the top and bottom of the car hood; Do not turn off the car if steam or water does not escape from the bottom of the car.

But if you are facing a leak of car coolant from under the hood in the form of steam or liquid, it is better to turn off the engine but put the switch on / On so that the fans continue to work.

When boiling Machine, Open the hood of the car

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Opening the hood helps cool the engine

Carefully open the hood door after completing the previous steps; In such cases, a large amount of hot steam may accumulate under the hood, which comes out when the hood is opened and burns the person’s hand or face.

Doing so increases airflow and cools the car faster. Lowering the temperature of the machine after boiling may take time, so be patient and try to take the initial steps quickly.

When boiling Machine , Pour water on the radiator

Pouring water on the walls of the radiator will cause the system and the coolant to cool faster, and as a result, the problem will be solved faster.

• Check the radiator water level

This step should be done after the engine and radiator water have cooled; Fill the radiator if you notice that the water level has dropped significantly after checking; You can also use ordinary water for this purpose.

If you have this problem on a regular basis, check the general condition of the hoses and connections of the engine cooling system and replace the inflated and worn hoses. Also, checking the fluid level and keeping it in the standard position will help a lot in preventing this problem.

Observe the necessary tips when welding the car

Boiling a car can be dangerous, and the actions you take at this time have many effects. For this purpose, be sure to observe the following:

• Do not open the radiator cap before the car has cooled down

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If you open the radiator door carelessly, you will suffer severe burns

• Do not use solutions that contain more than sixty percent or less than thirty-five percent antifreeze as the efficiency and cooling power of the solution will decrease.

Never use liquids containing alcohol and methanol as a coolant

• Do not use radiator or antifreeze water to wash glass

Should not be used when welding the car

In addition to shutting down the engine in such a situation, there are other things that inexperienced people may do and cause a lot of damage. These include:

• Open the radiator door

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Never open the radiator cap when welding the machine

Opening the radiator cap when boiling the car or when the temperature is high is very dangerous because it causes boiling water and hot steam to come out with a lot of pressure and cause severe burns. So in such cases, avoid opening the radiator door to lower the car temperature.

• Pouring water on the engine

Pouring water on the engine cools the surface, which is why many novices do so; Note that the lowering of the car surface temperature suddenly causes the engine body to cool irregularly, when the engine temperature is higher, the pistons stick to the cylinder head walls and the engine body is more likely to crack. .


Car welding It happens for a variety of reasons, but the main reason is a defect in the cooling system, and precautions can prevent this from happening.

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