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The best B2B platforms in the world

The best B2B platforms in the world

The world’s favorite B2B sites Top 5 B2B portals from the point of view of businessmen

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It is 6 o’clock in the afternoon and while you are receiving your heavy disk box and plate from Digi Kala, you get in the car with a smile of satisfaction and go to the repair shop. On the way, you think about how good it was that despite the traffic and the situation in Corona; you did not go to the parts market, and thanks to the world of e-commerce, you got the product you wanted in the shortest possible time.

Now let’s go back to 6 days ago from 6 o’clock, when the door of Digi Kala warehouse was opened and hundreds of cartons of disks, plates and other parts entered the warehouse from the back of the truck, and again 6 hours ago, a phone from the parts supplier to Digi Kala’s manager for coordination. Ordered. Right here after this phone call, we are witnessing one of the fascinating events in the B2B business world (BUSINESS TO BUSINESS). I’m sure you have encountered this category many times. For example, parts manufacturers in trade with parts bankers, suppliers of fabrics in trade with suit manufacturers, farmers in trade with leeks and thousands of other similar businesses are the manifestation of B2B trade in our lives. In one sentence, any transaction between one business and another is called B2B.

We now go a step further and look at this issue on a larger scale, the world of international trade, where different countries with different relative and absolute benefits are present. Imports and exports are the intersection of seller and buyer for B2B transactions. The e-commerce industry in the field of big business and B2B business brought giants like Alibaba and Amazon into our lives. As a growing and dynamic market, the B2B business model promises endless prospects for foreign trade and finding new markets, as well as evaluating aspects of business growth and the continuation of lucrative periods. Now let’s take a look at the five selected B2B sites in the world from the point of view of businessmen at the beginning of 2021. These portals were selected from top brands in an online poll.

1.Trade Wheel Winner of the number one competition of the world’s top b2b platform .

Trade Wheel is one of the top b2b platform in the world American-Founding Company: NOMAN JAVED

The storm that TradeWheel has created on b2b sites as the fastest online trading platform can be found nowhere else. A wide range of products from all industries, as well as a diverse range of international vendors, are the benefits of working in the TradeWheel online trading environment. If you are looking for reputable buyers and increase the credibility of your business, join Tradewheel and connect with the best in your industry. As one of the most cost-effective and seamless b2b sites, I recommend TradeWheel, and it is expected that this site will win the field in comparison to the largest b2b portals in 2021.

2. East Asia giant; ALIBABA B2B

site East Asian giant ALIBABA B2B platform Chinese company-founder: Jack Ma

It‘s a pity to write an article about digital platforms without mentioning the name of our superpower Jack Alibaba website, which entered the field of e-commerce 18 years ago. Experience the largest online trading port with reputable manufacturers and companies, especially China, with ALIBABA. ALIBABA is a dynamic b2b business site that provides a space for online money transfers, manufacturer credentials, unique online auctions, and a wide range of products and industries. In this website, you will not only identify a reputable supplier but also find the most buyers of your product.

3. Amazon is a worldwide B2B platform Amazon B2B platform worldwide

American-Company Founder: Jeffrey Preston Bezos

AMAZON is the most creative b2b portal that led to a lot of competition between claimants. Amazon is one of the largest B2B sites in the world, operating in more than 15 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Besides online sales services, AMAZON provides market research solutions, the most secure international payment method, and a diverse list of international suppliers to create the most convenient deals.

4. DHGate is the fourth selected B2B site

DHGate is the fourth b2b platform selected Chinese company-Founder: Diane Wang

The ever-evolving and active DHGate platform has a vast directory of buyers around the world, and we can look forward to more innovations from this website in 2021. Categories of goods and services of this website include mobile phones and accessories, electronic cameras, sports and outdoor, health and beauty, shoes and accessories, home and garden, lighting, toys and gifts, children and toddlers, clothing, jewelry And watches, weddings and formal events, hairstyles, computers and games, bags, accessories and cars and motorcycles. The power of this B2B gateway is such that it can turn your forgotten online business into a global business.

Professional international business experience with ECVV B2B platform

ECVV has been one of the largest b2b sites since its inception in 2003. ECVV is an influential website with a large number of buyers and sellers around the world, headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The variety on the ECVV website is unparalleled and useful court information.


There are hundreds of B2B sites in the world of e-commerce from all over the world for coordination and communication between merchants, some of which have become superpowers in this field due to the creativity and dynamism of the online business environment in terms of users and volume of activity. Speed, security, credibility and diversity in the range of products, services and buyers and sellers are important features of choosing the most suitable B2B platform.

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