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Sun paint repair of car paint

Sun paint repair of car paint

Ways to prevent and repair car paint sunburn

Car paint sunburn is a phenomenon that can occur for any car and destroy their color. This problem can be solved by spending money and doing solutions, but it is better to prevent it from happening before it happens.

How car sunburn:

The sun’s rays are able to break the molecular bond between the car paint particles over time and destroy the surface paint of the car body. This starts from the highest level of the car, which includes the main color. Naturally, by not protecting and ignoring the ways to prevent dandruff, the duration of dye destruction is intensified.

In addition, the quality of the paint used on the surface of the car also has a significant effect on the rate of degradation and sunburn. Based on the previous description, we will describe the car sunburn more. This is called baldness because the color of the car disappears only to a certain extent and the whole car is not involved in this destruction.

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The car’s fuel sunlight causes the paint to disappear in a part of the body

Tanning or sunburn often occurs on parts of the car, such as the body part that covers the roof and hood. In dark-colored cars, the process of sunburn is faster because dark colors are more capable of absorbing the sun’s rays. Getting rid of sunburn in a silver car is a little more difficult than in a black and white car. For this reason, most cars manufactured in Iran have white and black colors, because damage to these colors can be easily repaired.

For vehicles with sunburn, three basic solutions are suggested to eliminate this phenomenon, which are:

• Robing compound or hard polishing

• Buffer or polishing machine

• Microfiber napkins

Prevent car sunburn:

To prevent dandruff on the car, use methods such as: parking the car in the shade, not exposing the car to sunlight, using the cover on the car, washing the car, removing stains and small damage from the method There are some that can slow down the process of color degradation and protect the car.

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Polishing is a convenient way to repair car sunburn

The first step in doing these methods is to go through the steps in order.

1. Car wash:

The first step to solve the problem of baldness of the car paint is to wash the car body well and remove any remaining dirt on the car body. Car contaminants include not only dust particles and tangible stains, but also grease, fingerprints, tiny insect bites on the car body, raindrops stains, and other items that may be hidden from our view. If washing a car is difficult for a person, the best way to get rid of all the dirt is to use a car wash.

Car paint sunburn, Car paint sunburn prevention, Car paint sunburn repair

The first step in repairing a sunburn is to wash the car paint

But if a person is able to do car wash, the best detergent for this is dishwashing liquid, which is used to remove grease and dirt. So to do this washing is effective, the point of car wash is that if you want your car to be washed well, do the washing in two steps.

2. Car body paint repair:

In this way, scratches and damaged parts are found with a careful look. If these parts are not wide, the problem can be solved by using composite materials that are available in all car parts stores, and the lines and scratches of the car can be solved. Destroyed.

3. Car body contamination cleaning:

Car pollution does not go away just by washing, especially when we wash the car ourselves. These hard contaminants from various sources stick to the car body and we only notice their presence by touching these contaminants. Such contaminants are hidden from our view and cannot be removed with a simple wash.

And the only solution to get rid of baldness and sunburn is to completely remove the dirt from the car.

Disposable plastic gloves should be used to wash hard and sticky contaminants, as the contact of these impurities with the hands also makes the skin dirty. In the next step, we have to carefully pull the hand on the body of the car to feel the small bumps and surface contaminants with this movement.

Once we find the contaminants, we use a special cleaner for these contaminants called Detailing Clay to clean the stains.

Detailing Clay is a special cleaner for car paint. This cleaner is manufactured in such a way that in the best case and without any damage to the car body paint, it removes the dirt that remains on the surface of the car after washing. It should also be noted that this method is different from polishing the car and is often done before the polishing stage of the car surface.

4. Car start:

In order to electrify the surface of the car, the method of polishing the car should be used. For better results, double polishing is recommended.

5. Use of color protector:

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The use of color protector is effective in preventing color baldness

This step is done when the car paint has been repaired because the protective material or paint sealant only takes care of the paint and cannot repair burnt parts. After using this paint protector, the car will be relieved from the phenomenon of baldness for several months, or in other words, the presence of paint sealant on the car body is like a sunscreen and neutralizes the intensity of the sun’s rays when shining on the car. This solution delays the car sunburn ‌‌.

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