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SEO factors and site optimization + SEO training

SEO factors and site optimization + SEO training

In recent years, Google announced in an article on its official blog that we include more than 200 factors in the ranking of each site in the results, each of which has 50 different items, which you observe these factors. You can improve the SEO and optimization of your site in an acceptable way, and then you will see a significant increase in your site traffic in search engine results, and by knowing these important points and factors, you will be able to optimize any type of site from now on. In this tutorial, I will first introduce the important and golden points and SEO factors and give a brief explanation about each of them, and if you follow all these factors in your online business and website without Doubt you come to the first ranks of Google and you can experience high sales for years and get many users from search engines.

Disclaimer: Google has not disclosed any of the factors that we explain to you below, and these factors have not been published by any of the official Google sources, I have the following factors and points based on several years of practical experience and I have studied English language websites and implemented them on large sites, and I have always achieved the best results by observing them in SEO and optimization projects, or better to say, sometimes even by observing this factor. The miracle has happened in N websites and now you can seriously improve your SEO by following the tips, please read to the end of this article and follow all the factors in your site and be sure that You will get the result you want, but not overnight! In my experience, after observing all these factors, you will seriously feel after 2 months that your website traffic will increase and with it your income will increase, so the first principle in SEO is not to hurry.

1- The architecture of the site is correct.

Most sites typically use WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla! CMS, so most of these cms are built with a standard coding architecture because highly professional programmers and developers are developing the software. Are; The question for some of our users is always, is WordPress SEO better or Joomla? I’m not going to get into a war between these two content management systems, but people who say that WordPress SEO is much stronger than Joomla! They produce content and submit articles, and by adding a few plugins to WordPress SEO and providing specialized content, they are certainly stronger than Joomla sites that are built for companies and are not updated for many years. My opinion is that Joomla can also be SEO. It should be good, but in order to be able to SEO Joomla, you must be very professional and implement many techniques to optimize this system, but this is not the case in WordPress, and usually SEO standards are well observed in WordPress by default. Choosing the right content management system is the first step to success, so it is better to use WordPress because SEO WordPress is easier and more enjoyable and you can achieve the desired result faster.

2.The speed of your site should be high.

Site speed is one of the most important factors in optimizing the site, the speed of your site should always be in a very good condition so that users can easily browse your site, if you enter the site and enter your site address in this site Click and analyze button, this site checks some of the factors of your site optimization very quickly and then gives you good results, one of the results is testing the speed of your site and the loading speed of your site for a normal user. And offers you, your website PageSpeed ​​Score should be higher than 90% and on grade A, that is, fast, focus on the speed of your site and try to keep it to a minimum, do not forget that If your website speed is not good, you can not get a good result by observing all SEO factors, the faster your website loads, the better.

3. Your site host should be of quality and always available.

As you are never willing to build your blood in any neighborhood, you should not implement your site on any server or host, I think a good host that has high stability, spam sites are not maintained on their server and the width It has a very good band, choosing the right host in the previous important factor, ie the speed of the site is also very effective, and thus if you choose the right host for your site, you have taken one of the most important steps in your SEO and optimization to Reviewing and choosing a good host Please watch the instructional video on how to buy a good host.

4. Attract the target user to your site.

One of the most important things that webmasters usually do not observe in SEO is not attracting the target visitor or target visitor. At the same time, many SEOs and webmasters focus on old methods and theory of optimization and ranking increase. For example, many users ask us if your SEO site is good, then why is your Alexa rank low? Please note that SEO has nothing to do with Alexa rank, in the standard SEO process our focus is on: To direct the target users to the site, not to increase the Alexa rank, to attract a flood of visitors who have nothing to do with our business and to crowd our site, in the standard and principled SEO process, our goal is to attract the target user. And it is an increase in revenue, which means that if we can get even 50 users a day from search engines, but these users are the real buyers of our product, we have succeeded in the SEO project, so Alexa rank is of no importance to us in site optimization. , Our overall goal is to select the target keyword and increase your site ranking in the target keyword that idol We will direct the target users to our site.

5. Choose the right keywords for your site.

As a first step to optimize your website, you should choose the right keywords for your site, try to choose the keywords for your site to make sure these words are searched by users, choose words that, if they are to be on them for years. Work to the top of Google to make sure those words are searched by users and will attract the target user to your site, choosing the right keyword is accompanied by specialized research in search engines and is always one of the important tools That can help you discover the types of keywords and how competitive they are in search engines is the Google Keyword Planner tool. Note that this is one of the Google tools Is for people who want to do google adwords click ads on Google and with this tool can measure the amount of competition and the number of searches for each word and then start their ads on Google, but with the help of this tool we can find words The right key to optimizing our site and table Let’s find out if the word is competitive. Of course, how to work with this tool is a bit complicated and professional. In a separate article, I will fully teach you how to work with the Google Planner tool, but right now you can learn about working with this tool in Google. Search and find related tutorials and start the cartoon right now.

6. Write attractive content for your users.

No matter how scientifically rich and quality your articles are; We can only consider it quality and excellent content if the visitor is excited after reading the article and says to himself that this content is very interesting and can be useful for my friends and then the reader of your article to 10 other people. Share We consider this type of content to be quality and attractive content because this type of content produced by you is always shared between people on many daily social networks, and your website also gets more credibility every day. Well, you have to learn the techniques by which you can produce interesting and useful content, I hope you are not upset but if you do not decide to write content professionally and help increase the knowledge of your users and Internet users then please Google Do not expect it to help you get rich, always remember that content is the king of SEO.

7. Use videos on your website.

Of course, you may have heard this many times before, but the use of video in the discussion of site optimization has recently become a compulsion, while I remind you that if you are in contact with English-language sites always You can see that video is used gradually in these sites, if a video has been produced on your site, Google will value you twice as much. Let us think more logically. In today’s world, with all this busyness, no one is bored to read long articles and everyone is looking to The result they want to achieve, so you also help people like this to produce the desired result as soon as possible by producing content.

8. Use social networks in your internet business.

If you are looking for progress in SEO, using social networks for your site is a must so that you can engage the user with your site with the help of these networks and be more and easier to communicate with your users in these networks. Share on these networks and ask your users to comment on your articles and create a serious reflection with your users on social networks, do not worry. In the last parts of this article, I will teach you exactly what to do on social networks.

9. Have a strategy to attract quality links.

Recently, many users come to us and say, “Please introduce us to some sites so that we can buy links within those sites and improve our SEO. Do you really think that by buying a few links, you can be better than your competitors?” ? So easy? Really think that if you put several links on different sites and your SEO is improved, can you stay with the same links in the top ranks of Google forever? No, because your competitor also builds links on the same sites that you have created, and after a short time, he will overtake you more. These methods, such as building and buying other backlinks, have no place in SEO science. Come and accept. That these methods are dead and can only guarantee your position in Google for a short time, you must have a professional strategy to build links, professional link building strategy means to plan ways that people and sites They will automatically link to you, imagine if you can plan such successful strategies, the number of links to your site will increase every day and the credibility of your site in Google will increase every day, if you want to have a site that always It maintains its position in Google, buy links and put these thoughts aside forever, do not worry, I will teach you how to get quality links in the rest of this article.

10- Plan user participation in your site.

Please act differently, from 2015 onwards, if a user cannot participate in a site, that site can in no way attract high traffic from the target users, ask users to comment on your content, about your services. Provide a body and infrastructure so that users can share experiences on your site, be creative, and try to have programs that help users and visitors themselves grow your website, to start a great development. You can not do all the work yourself, let some people do the work for you and people to help your brand grow, do not worry, I will teach you ways to do these creative things as much as possible.

Important factors of site domain:

11. Domain life has a great impact on your site’s ranking in Google.

You have heard many times that domain life has a big impact on the site ranking in Google, but this time I decided to explain this concept more clearly to you, domain life does not mean that you go to a domain that was registered by someone 10 years ago Buy and launch your site with that domain, the domain life means the first time that the site indexed its results in Google and then was always active and available, a domain that was purchased years ago and A site that is not active on it can not be considered a valuable domain from the point of view of Google, it has a valuable domain and a long life that, for example, has been active and available to users for 10 years, so you can get your site as soon as possible. Launch more and gradually work on your site and do not worry about anything because the longer the life of your website, the more points you will receive compared to your competitors.

12.Use the keyword in your domain name.

Of course, Google recently announced that using a keyword in another domain name can not affect the ranking of your site in that keyword, but be sure that if you can put your site keyword in the domain name and then register the domain properly. It seriously affects the ranking of your site, for example, if you want to be in the first ranks of Google with the word site design, it is better to buy the domain and work on the SEO of that site, which of course has many domains with beautiful names. Containing competing keywords have already been registered by other people and you can not easily buy such domains. Using this technique is called exact mach domain and Google recently on the English web a lot of sites whose keyword in the name There is a domain, it matters, in fact, experience has proven to me that a good domain name can be 50% of the SEO project and a good domain name itself is half way for you, so I definitely recommend watching the tutorial video on how to choose the right domain .

13- Your keyword should be in the first part of the domain.

First of all, the important point in choosing a domain name is that the number of letters in your domain should not be more than 12 letters, because if the number of letters in your domain is more than 12, it is very difficult for the user to remember, and one of the main points in choosing A good domain name is one that has a short domain name and can be easily remembered by the user, for example if you want to have a better position in the gold keyword in Google results than your competitors, use the word gold in the domain name first. For example, select the domain and put the brand title in the second part of the domain. It is very important that the keyword is in which part of your domain name and is understandable for users and search engines. I emphasize to you that my many years of experience have proven that choosing the right and smart domain name is 50% of an SEO project.

14- Your domain expiration time is long.

I’m sure you have not heard of this factor before, if your domain expiration time is less than 2 years, Google will give less importance to your site than older sites, for example, if your domain is due to expire in the next 4 months, and given that Google checks the expiration date and domain specifications of the domain and then does the rankings for a site to be. It doesn’t matter if it expires in the next 4 months, Google understands very well that if a site really decides to provide good services to users for years and its site is important to it and is a source of income, it must be on the site and the domain of that capital site. For example, companies that are confident in designing and launching their site will extend their domain for at least the next 5 years, and Google understands this well, we are using this technique. We implemented it on our site and extended the scope of our site for the next few years, and after a short time in Google results We have seen significant improvements, you may say to yourself that we do not want our domain to expire and when the deadline expires we will go and extend it for the next year, but no, Google does not think so about your site, so my recommendation is that the domain must be Extend your site that you are going to invest in SEO on that site for the next 5 years.

15.Use keywords in the subdomain.

Considering that Google has recently announced that we consider the validity of each subdomain or subdomain separately from the main domain of the sites, I urge you to design and launch new subdomains and landing pages with some of your competing words. And then focus on increasing your subdomain rank in Google, for example, you all know the domain, this site has more than a thousand subdomains (blogs), each of which ranks in some keywords They are very good in search results and Google has identified each subdomain of this site as a separate site or blog and has given these blogs an acceptable ranking in some keywords, so if you also have several businesses that operate in different areas. You can create subdomains for them and SEO subdomains.

16- Be sure to check your domain history before registering it.

This is one of the most important points that is usually not reviewed by webmasters and SEOs and they never pay attention to it, while this is one of the biggest and most influential factors in the development of a site, Google over and over again In his blog, he informed that we check the domain owner information once in a while and keep it in our databases and use it to rank that domain in the results, this point is important because you When you register and use a domain, you are unaware that this domain may have been registered by another person 5 years ago and the site was closed after a while, ask yourself why someone has closed his site? And the domain is re-released for registration? Well, of course, if it was a successful site and domain, it would never be shut down. It is possible that the owner of this domain has already done something against the rules of search engines such as spam and abuse, and the site has been fined and penalized by search engines, and the credibility of this domain is forever before black and other search engines. Be forgivable. I have an interesting example to prove this. I implemented the best SEO and optimization techniques on a domain for 3 years, and I spent hours developing that site in Google, and I constantly worked to standardize that site, maybe you believe me. I did not produce 300 specialized articles for that site, but because this domain was discredited by someone else 5 years ago before Google, it did not get a good ranking in the results until I realized this issue and a domain I registered a new one that no one had registered before. It is interesting to know that with 3 months of working on my circuit on that new domain, I was able to get the best results, but with 3 years of specialized work on a domain that was in the Google spam list, I could not do anything. To reach a conclusion, before starting the SEO project using and tools, please analyze your site now and see who registered this domain before you and which sites were active on this domain? In doing optimization projects, be sure to consider the domain history as a record and a trump card, I worked hard for 3 years to reach this result and tell it to you, and now I have given this point to you; Pay close attention to this factor.

17- Unhide the status of your domain.

Some domain service providers in the domain management panels allow you to hide the status of your domain domain from the public and in other words no one can find out that this domain is yours (hide whois domain) but the important point It is very important for Google to be able to find out by whom and with what identity this domain was registered and who exactly owns the domain of this website ?, Google in order to be able to provide the best and safest sites to its users in the results Should it be possible to identify who registered this domain and whether this person already owns sites that have been on the spam list? If Google can identify the owner of the domain of a fraudulent person who has previously violated the rules of search engines Has acted (decided to deceive search engine robots) that site does not show the site to its users in any way in the results, so if your domain’s whois information is private or private, publish your domain name right now so that Google can identify the domain owner. Well, if you used to have a domain that was penalized by Google, then no way In the future, do not buy with that name and surname and with that domain profile, and try to use the profile of one of your acquaintances or your company name to register a new domain, and try not to buy second-hand domains on the Internet at all.

18. From national domains ir. Use to launch your site.

One of the main points and ways in which the site appears in the results is that if you want to get a favorable position in Google results in Iran and on the Persian web, from the national domains of Iran, such as ir. Use to start the cartoon. If from the domain ir. Use it for SEO and optimization of your site and launch your site with an IR domain. Since Google detects the language and location of searchers, for example, it detects that an Iranian person with a Persian word is searching inside Google, and Given that Google knows an ir site. Also related to an Iranian company; It tries to show a site in the results to its user that is both the language and compatriot of the searcher, so use ir domains. For Persian language sites that escape SEO, it is considered a trump card in performing SEO and optimization projects.

In-site architectural factors:

19. Use your site keyword in the title or title of the page.

I always came across sites that instead of writing the keyword of their site in the title of the page, it was inserted in the title of the page * Welcome to the website of a certain company * or the title of the first page * Home *, you should always know the title of each page is one of The most important factors that Google uses to make your site appear in the results, you must specify the subject of activity of each page of your site and put in the title of each page the most important word that you want to SEO in that word of your site and Note that the main page of the site is one of the most important pages of the site that Google pays the most attention to that page and the main page of each site is the most powerful page of that site and you should try to find the most competitive and important keyword of your site in the title. Put it on the first page of your site and according to the url power of your site’s home page, use this power in order to raise the hardest word with the address of your site’s home page.

20. The keyword should be at the beginning of the title of each page.

One of the most important points in using keywords in the title or title of the page is that you should start the title of your site with the main keyword of that page, for example if you decide to SEO one of the pages of your site in the word design and that Redirect the page to the first Google results. The title of the page you want should not be like this: Top website design company, you should write the title of this page like this: Website design by the top design company in the Middle East, but this was just an example to increase awareness As you said, you have to choose the title of each page very briefly and smartly. The title of the site is not a place to introduce your company or brand, the title of each site is the most important place to put the most key services you can provide in that url and the first principle in coming up with a specific keyword in Google is that the title of that page is very Written professionally, I definitely recommend that you seek the help of an expert to write the titles of each page of your site.

21. Put your keyword in the description tag.

The description tag of each page of the site, which we also know as the meta description, and with the Description attribute included in the site coding, is a place to provide a brief description of the services provided on that page of the site, or if there is only an article on your site. This tag is usually the position that the first two lines of each article briefly show users in Google results, now the important point is that Google pays a lot of attention to the description tag of each site and you must have the most keywords of your site in its description tag Provide a page so that Google can recognize that word in your site and direct your site to the first results in that word. In writing more description tags, try to use the most keywords in the first sentence so that Google is more important for that word. Give your site a rating, so it is better to try to use the keyword that you use in the title of each page in the first two lines of the description of that page and inside the Description tag of that page.

22. Use your keyword in the H1 tag of each page.

Do you read newspapers? Or do you see the most important news in the newspapers daily? If you have ever seen the newspapers, you have usually not read all the contents and sentences of those newspapers and you usually see the biggest headline of the first page and then it decides to read the continuation of that article or news report or the newspaper Aside from that, the site is exactly an internet news medium and every page of the site should have a big news headline and the big headline of each page of the site is called the H1 tag of that page of the site which is between the two codes <h1> and <h2 />, Every page of your site should have a powerful H1 tag and put the most keyword of that page in the h1 tag so that in addition to attracting users’ attention, search engines will also read this. An important tag to understand the subject and content of that page, note that one of the most important elements of any page that Google pays attention to after entering any site is the H1 tag, which is usually much larger than other words and sentences on the site. So, my advice to you is that if you want to SEO a page in a particular word, in addition to that word should be in the title of the page and Descroption of that page. It is better to put the keyword in the h1 tag of that page and of course it is better to put the keyword in the first place of the H1 tag.

23. In writing the content of each page, focus on the keyword of that page.

It is very important that, for example, if you are going to optimize a page for a site design keyword, in the content of that page, focus on the site design keyword and try to find the keyword you want in the first three lines and The last three lines of the content of that page must know that it will upset the visitor. Repeat it intelligently so that Google can identify which keyword content of that page is optimized and direct your site to the first results in this word, so in addition That you should put the keyword you want in the title, dscription and h1 tag of that page, you should try to repeat the keyword in the first 3 lines of that article at least 2 times and so-called for the keyword that you want in that word in a row Be the first to produce content.

24. Take the number of words in the content of each page seriously.

It used to be said that every standard page should usually contain 800 words or more, but today everything has changed and experts say that an ideal text should have more than 3000 words of content and this content should include images and videos, so if in English sites, for example, if you search for a specific topic, you will see that Google usually shows sites in the first results that the site is full of text, images and videos, and has worked hard to produce rich content for that site, and the site in terms of information Be rich, yes you should always try to produce content for your keywords that is valuable and includes various images and videos and is interesting for users to read, the better you can write a position, the more you believe the scientific article that is Are you reading it made up of about 25,000 words?

25. Measure your keyword density on each page.

To better understand this issue, I will give you an example first: For example, suppose a site with the subject of air conditioner wants to increase its ranking in the keyword of air conditioner to produce the content of its site.

You should write your site content for human beings, write articles for users and visitors of your site and respect them because they are human and by repeating the words and Coloring those words Do not make the user get tired of reading your content and leave your site, the number of your keywords should be repeated in proportion to the total number of words in the text of the article, not too much… and divided by the total number of words each The page in relation to the number of repeated keywords in that page is called keyword density or keyword dencity, the standard rate of keyword density in a page is usually from 1 to 3%, not more ..

26- Do not put copy content in your site.

In addition to the fact that you should not copy the content of other sites into your site, the contents of one page of your website should not always be copied or duplicated in other pages of your site, for example, if one of the pages of your site has generated content about the word site design. You wrote this and a complete text on this subject, and years after this topic, you should not create another new page at the same time and copy the same content on that page, in simpler language, you should not even copy the content inside your own site. Do it and repeat a paragraph in the different urls of your site, if you do this, you will receive a negative score from Google, I will explain more about this in invoice number 69.

27- Use the rel = canonical tag in your site pages.

In some news and store sites, due to the high complexity and variety of products, some content is constantly repeated on some pages, and to avoid copying content within the site, you can use the rel = canonical tag on the pages. Use the site, the function of this tag is to assign an article to only one url of the site and instructs Google bots to set this content only for one of the pages of the site with a specific url, and this tag to the robot Google says if this content was repeated in other urls of the site, do not consider them and do not penalize the site for publishing duplicate content and only this content is valid for a url, please do more research on this tag and Keep it in the pages of your site, of course, by default in many content management systems in the world, it is not a problem that an article is repetitively published in other pages, but my experience has proven that if you use Joomla, this must be Follow the tag inside each of your site pages.


28. Notice how quickly your site opens in the Chrome browser.

Chrome browser is always a popular browser and we should know that this browser is designed by Google itself and is always supported in the best possible way, if you log in to your Gmail account in Chrome browser and log out of your Gmail account and then about Do a specific search in Google and enter the results of Google, Google itself has always announced that in these circumstances, it collects and controls your results and information and checks which site you are most satisfied with and which site you have more persistence. And it is very important for Google that if a user enters a site through this browser, what is the speed of opening that site for the visitor ?, so always keep in mind that your site is compatible with Chrome browser and with high speed in this browser Load and your site is well optimized for this browser.

29. Optimize the images on your site.

The size of the images and the speed of retrieving the images on each page of your site is very important, you should always make sure that the images of your site are optimal and the so-called low volume, You design a section in Photoshop called tag manager and with this tool you can tag your image and after that if any site copies your image, your site will be displayed in the results and be sure to try your site images Optimize images with optimization software and reduce their size to increase the loading speed of your website.

30- Update the old content of your site.

Google always expects you as the site administrator to update your site content over time, for example if you write an article on a specialized topic such as site design standards, well, of course these standards will change next year and you should have information Provide more updates to your customers, so you should always look at the old articles on your site and fix their problems and add more information to those articles, one of the main points in maintaining the ranking of a page in a particular keyword is that the content That page will always be updated and better and more professional, only then you can maintain your site’s ranking in some important and competitive words, even some big scientific websites sometimes stop producing content and start They make older content better and more up-to-date. You should also pay attention to older content and always try to plan to improve your old articles and fix their problems.

31. Use your keywords in the first 100 words.

The first 100 words that you put in the main page and other pages of your site is one of the main and key words of your site for that page, the first 100 words of each page are not the words that users see in the demo of the site, the meaning of The first 100 words of each site are the words that are in the page source of each page of the site, and Google attaches great importance to the keywords that are repeated in this part of the site, try if you want one of your site url URLs Put a keyword in the first paragraph of the description of that page. Repeat the keyword 3 times and in moderation.

32. Use H2 and H3 tags in your site content.

As we have already explained, use the H1 tag in the content of your site. The H2 and H3 tags are also far after the H1 tag, ie the priority of the important parts of each page is first H1, then the H2 tag and then the tag. H3, so you should show the titles in your site content to the user and search engines in order of importance on these tags on your site, and note that Google and other search engines attach great importance to these tags, for example Everything you are reading in this tutorial is from the factor of 1 to 126, respectively, the importance of H tagging, but note that the H1 tag should only be used once per page, and the H2 tag 3 to You can use the H3 tag 10 times, and so on. The general principle of using the number of Hs on a page is as follows: H1 <H2 <H3 <H4 means that the H1 tag should be used less than the others.

33. Follow the order of using words in the title and page.

Google displays exactly the result to searchers that is very similar to the search term, for example you wrote in the title of your site site design in Tehran and your site has been active for 1 year and your competitor company in the title Has written that the web design company has been active in Tehran for 5 years, now if the user browses in the search engines, the site design in Tehran, of course, Google first shows your site in the first results and then other sites, The point I want you to pay attention to is to choose your keywords wisely and use them in the title and content of the page. Choosing a keyword wisely means that you check which words are most searched by the audience and find them. Use it on your site, in order to find the right keywords for your site, please re-read invoice number 5 that we explained at the beginning of this article.

34- Give links to quality sites.

You should not be the only recipient of links from other sites, you should also link to reputable sites and thereby improve the credibility of your site, one of the things that makes sites that have been penalized by Google and return to normal. Return is to link to reputable sites in the world, of course, do not do this in a wasteful way and do not give more than one link to other sites from each page, for example, if you are translating an article from a reputable English site, At the end of that article, put a link to the source of the article, I strongly recommend doing this along with observing its principles and it will definitely increase the credibility of your site, of course, do not forget that you should only link to reputable sites.

35. Solve the riddle inside your site with the output links.

This factor is one of the most important factors for sites that have just launched and want Google to more quickly identify the topic of the site and the keywords of their site and display them faster in search results, Google bots when to They enter your site for the first time and review and analyze your site codes and pages of your site. They seek to identify the subject of your site and place your site in different categories of services and these robots want to know. In what field does your site work? Now, in order to be able to find out more quickly in Google what your site works in, you should link to large and reputable global sites in your field of work, for example, if you work in the field of chess. Link to one of the international chess sites so that Google can identify the topic of your site faster and show your site among the competitors in its results. When Google can identify the topic of your site well, even a keyword for your site. Considers and displays your site in the results related to those words.

36. Edit the content provided on your site.

Google has been seriously analyzing the Persian web (Persian language websites) lately, and it is important to note that all content and articles provided by your site are spelled correctly and completely edited, for this reason. Software provided by the Supreme Council of Cultural Transfer called Virastiar. By installing this plugin in your computer’s word software, you can fix all spelling mistakes and writing problems of your content before you want to publish an article on your site. Be sure to note that people want to read your articles, and of course, if there are misspellings and spelling errors in your articles, visitors will be very upset and leave the site, and Google is not willing to direct search engines to sites that contain content. They are unwritten and full of misspellings, if you want to never forget this principle, then please see that your site is like a book that you are going to publish and publish among many people, the site is just like a book. So try to write hard Wow your website and even write descriptions of your products Spend more time and all the sentences inside your website are edited.

37. Do not use duplicate content.

I have heard from many old SEOs and people who do not study in the field of modern SEO that if you go and find sites that are not yet important by Google and the content of those sites is not well and quickly indexed in Google Identify and put it inside your site, the score of that article will be registered in your name, not the new site that has just started its work, considering all these strict Google algorithms, do you think this can be true? No, doing these things is outdated and in addition to not being beneficial for your site in the not too distant future will cause your site to be fined in Google and subject to heavy penalties, if you see a site that has not yet been able to find its content and articles. It indexes well in Google because it does not follow the optimization standards and principles in its site well and it does not mean that Google has not seen the content of that site at all and has not considered them, Google has indexed the content of those small sites. You can see it, but it may take longer than the famous and big sites to put that content in the results.

38. Use microdata.

The use of microdata (schema) or schema has recently become very popular, and the reference for this type of code is also the site, if you use popular content management systems such as Joomla and WordPress, ask your site developer this code If you have recently searched for certain topics in Google Rajebeh, you will surely find that in the search results, the price of some products is displayed on the right side of the screen, or that Google shows some sites in the results with golden stars. It shows that these are exactly the same schemas that, if followed in the code of any site, will make it easier for Google to identify according to certain standards what the content of this page contains and more confidently the sites that are coded by the schemas. It shows to its users, if you also improve the optimization structure of your site and follow these principles, Google will certainly direct more traffic to your site, for example, we starred our site results and this will make more users on our site. Click on Google results to other sites.

39. Control the number of outbound links on your site.

Of course, this point is more important for news, entertainment and download sites. In many of these sites, I saw that from the first page of the site and other pages of the site, about 40 external links were given to different sites of the Follow type, the managers of these sites. They must reconsider their work policy and without any follow-up links that they give to various sites, it means that they give away the credibility of their site and that page from their site to other sites, that is, if a page has 40 outbound links, this is it. It means that the credibility of that page is divided into 40 and the credibility is given to those 40 sites. If you are the manager of such sites, be sure to consult with an SEO expert and do careful planning for the program to link to other sites, of course in the factors Backlink In the continuation of this article, we will talk about this issue in a much more complete way.

40. Use multimedia on your site.

Recently, people do not pay much attention to reading scientific articles and materials, which means that in today’s busy world, people tend to get results very quickly and without reading big articles, and in order to get people and your site audience to their desired result faster, you can use images for Use the conceptual transfer of posts, or make videos and audio files and present them on your site so that people can review the content of your site much more easily and quickly, and of course be sure that the content including multimedia is very fast by yourself. People will share and it will have a good result for your site and of course to implement such content you should spend more time and energy and do creative work, but do not worry at all about the time and effort you put in because in the future you will get results.

41- Check the number of internal links to the site.

This is usually done in optimized and quality sites and you must have seen this many times, suppose you write an article about site design standards in 2016 inside your site, you should go from this article to other articles Link to your site that is related to this keyword, for example, you can link from this article to another article on your site called site design training with Joomla and try to do this in all your site content between articles and site content Establish a regular internal connection and be sure this will make Google bots circulate more on your site and better identify related articles on your site and give your site more points, of course, pay attention to more than 3 to 5 per article Do not create links to other articles on your site and try to do so in moderation, and always balance between the length of the article and the number of links you remove from it, for example, from a 10-line article 5 links to other pages Do not create your site because the article itself can not be enough with e If a small volume of words receives enough credibility from search engines that wants to link to 5 other articles, of course, no fixed rule has been written in this regard, but be careful in this case to avoid the subsequent consequences and always be your own benchmark. Make decisions like this.

42- The quality of the site’s internal links to the content is very important.

This also depends a bit on factor 41, every page of your site has a Page Authority and domain Authority; This is a measure of the quality and credibility of that page in terms of search engines, and usually the number of each of these attributes is from 0 to 100, for example, if you have a url Page Authority is about 50, it means that this page is very much seen by search engines. Search is important, to understand the authority of each page for different URLs of your site, you should use the site tool and install it in your browser, or use the Open Site Explorer tool to know the validity of each page, the main discussion Our idea is that if you identify sites and pages on the Internet that have a high Page Authority, try to ask the administrators of other sites to put your link on those pages so that some of the credibility of that page is transferred to your site, or If you have such pages on your site that have a lot of credibility and visits, link a few words from that article to other pages of your site, so that you can validate the credibility of that page from your site to other pages of your site.

43- Delete inactive links.

If there are many links in your site and your site content that link to other sites and web pages that now these pages to which you link are removed and no longer exist, this will greatly damage the credibility of your site, then outbound links Check your site again and be careful, you should not link to sites or pages that no longer exist and are so-called 404, so be sure to only link to sites that you are sure these pages and sites will not be deleted and their validity is permanent , And if the number of outbound links to your site is high and now you do not have the opportunity to check and modify all outbound links, then it is recommended that you must NoFollow all outbound links from your site, NoFollow links to Google say our site is no We do not accept any responsibility for the content of the linked site and do not forgive the credibility of our site to the linked site, and of course I will provide you with more details in the continuation of this article.

44- Design and activate affiliate links in your sales.

If your site is a service provider and you have specific packages and services, you can activate sales cooperation systems on a commission basis on your site, these systems give each user registered on your site an exclusive link only for that user with It offers several banner ads and in the next step, your user puts the banner ad of your site on his site and sets the dedicated link assigned to him on the banner, now if any potential visitor of your user website clicks on that banner and Enter your site and buy from your site because this visitor has entered your site through the exclusive link of the sales cooperation system. After the customer buys, the sales cooperation system will add a commission that you determine to your user’s financial credit and by doing this In addition to the fact that you can increase the sales of your site up to 3 times, you can attract many links from your users’ website, and these links are very valuable for Google and help to increase the credibility of your site, you really know the managers of Digitala They started their work from sales cooperation systems Do? And did you know that in addition to being able to help your SEO site, sales collaboration systems are 3 times more lucrative than SEO for your website? I strongly recommend that you do more research on affiliate marketing right now. Beneficial use of this system can make your website global.

45- Fix the HTML errors of your site.

Of course, Google does not drive effective traffic to sites that have coding and programming errors. Be aware that at, in addition to detecting coding and optimization errors on your site and reporting them to you, it also outputs a modified file of your site code that you can upload to your host and Replace the previous file, but before making changes to the site coding, be sure to back up your data or ask your site developer to make these changes for your site, so be sure to try coding and programming errors for your site before From the beginning of the SEO project and optimize your site.

46- The high overall credibility of the site has an effect on the internal links of your site.

If you are a webmaster who has a high overall reputation or authority, all pages and sub-categories of your site will have more power than your other competitors, for example, suppose you have published 500 articles on your site and every day the credibility of your site and your main domain Content generation medium is increasing so that the credibility of your articles and other sales pages is increasing every day and every day your whole pages are gaining a better position in Google; There are always two types of SEO models. The first model is that they focus on one keyword and bring your site to the first results. The second SEO model is that we increase the authority and value of the whole site by doing specific and principled solutions. The higher the credibility of your entire domain, the more power your other pages on your site will have, and in search engine results you will always see the progress of all your site pages instead of a specific word, so if you want to do your SEO project in a principled way Be sure to focus on the overall reputation of your site brand, not always focus on one keyword and push a page of your site every day to come up with a specific word, Google does not like this style, Google does not like Emphasize directly on a page of your site.

49. The URL of your site pages should not be long.

Of course, this is considered by some to be insignificant, but I want to introduce this to you as a value load factor. The high URL of your site pages may not be very important for Google bots, but it is not unimportant, if the discussion of robots Let’s ignore and consider human beings. It is better that the URLs of your pages are very short and can be saved so that the next time users can enter your site by typing the URL they want in the browser, or imagine If you want to introduce a link from your site to someone, your site URLs should be such that when you want to write it on paper or send it in an email, you can easily write it, when your site URLs are too long or take up a lot of space. Of course, the credibility of your site is a bit questionable. Of course, this is my professional opinion, because after years of experience in different situations, I came to the conclusion that it is better for the site URLs to be in English letters and short. Some sources say that the site URL is long for Google. It does not matter, well, I say it does not matter, but Google itself said Optimize your site for humans and users, not for Google bots, and if we want to consider humans, of course, the URLs must be short and understandable.

50.The path of your site pages should be short.

Of course, this factor is also very close to invoice number 49, for example, if you have an article on your site and you want to submit an article on the principles of site design in 2016, suppose the address of your article is supposed to be like this:

This path is very long and you should not create such paths inside your site, shouldn’t the address of this article be as follows?

As the second path is much simpler and easier to remember, you should try to create such paths on your site and know that the shorter the URL of your site pages, the better the result for your site and in the future You will not regret creating short and regular codenames for your site.

51. Users determine your site’s ranking in Google.

Google attaches great importance to its users, so much of the site ranking and site rankings in the results is done by the users themselves, suppose your site is in the top 10 on the first page of Google in a row and For several hours, when users search for this keyword, instead of going to sites in rows 1 to 9, they go straight to your site, which is in row 10, and your site has good content, and you can fully meet the needs of users. Take it if you find that in a few hours your site will be drastically increased in that keyword and may even go up one row, but our purpose in giving this example was that the importance of user choice Let me know in the rankings and I hope you do not decide to plan fake methods for users to click on your site to get up because before you many people have done this and Google has planned very complex systems that It easily detects these types of frauds, if a user enters your site from Google results and the user notices If your site does not have the right content and immediately click on the browser back to return to the Google results page Google considers negative points for your site, Google algorithms have the ability to refer the user from the results to your site that Follow the user and check whether the information on your site is suitable for him or not, and in such a way that if you take the trouble to design and plan a standard and information-rich site, Google will have your air and your site will constantly increase in ranking. So you have to work hard to get up.

52. Categorize the content of your site by topic.

Categorize the content and products of your site and design clear categories for the content presented on your site and try to put each article or product in its own category, the correct topic in the site will cause when users enter your site They can easily follow their desired path to easily access the product they want, in this case, if there are regular categories on your site, the user will find all the content and products of your products carefully and carefully read and It compares and increases your chances of sales, and in the future, the user will visit your site and enter the desired category so that he can read the new products and materials that you have presented in that field, even if you ignore the human factor. And consider Google and its bots as well. It is better to have a regular theme in your site so that Google rabbits can better identify the category of each item on your site and give you a better position in that keyword.

53- Tag your site content.

I strongly recommend using tags, but I never recommend using them too much, and I urge you not to confuse the tag with a keyword, in order to be able to tag your content better, you must first be familiar with the basic concept of tags. Sit, tag is a type of marking and categorization of articles that similar content related to each other in any site for those interested in reading that variety of content, for example you publish an article entitled site design standards on your site You can, you can consider up to 3 tags for it, such as: site design principles, site design training, basic site design, tagging is one of the most basic and professional techniques of article production that must be done to tag any text time Spend a lot, the use of these tags is that if a user in this article that we gave an example clicks on the site design tag, a blog of all the articles tagged with the word site design to the user, the use of the tag is that Categorize the content of the site in more detail than the collection, and the purpose of tagging is that people interested in a hair They can read more about this topic on our site, but some webmasters unfortunately do not fully understand the concept of correct tagging and write more than 10 tags with keywords for each of their articles to attract the attention of search engines. Do not be fooled by Google, but your goal, dear educated person, that in this article you will read the principles of SEO in content tagging, should be just to help your site users to access more content in a specific field within your site.

54. It is better if the keyword is in the address of your site.

In addition to the important factor that we mentioned that you can use a domain that has your keyword in that domain to increase the ranking in keywords, you can also use keywords related to that page in the internal URLs of your site, For example, if you want to explain the important SEO factors to your users in an article, the address of that article after the main domain address of your site can be seo-factors, observing this will increase your ranking in the keywords related to that page.

55- Link to the sources of content produced on your site.

If you have translated articles or content and put it on your site or review content from other sites, it is much better to link to the content source, Google can easily identify the sources of your articles and if you refer to the sources of your content. Do not see the link means copying the content of other sites and it will bring you a negative score, do not worry at all about linking to other sites and content sources, because by doing so, in addition to the fact that your content is not deducted from Google It also gives more points to your site.

56. Use bullet points in your content.

It is very important for Google that you write your site content for Google bots or for your site users, so Google fully considers whether your site content is legible and beautifully designed and categorized or not, one of the factors to identify the quality of writing and content categorization. Mark different parts of long content for ease of reading with different symbols such as (•) or numbers, which are called bullet points, and you can use it to introduce important parts of the text, or assuming Example You can use numbers to introduce different parts of the article to make your content look more organized and categorized and to make your article easier and more enjoyable for the user, of course, this factor is related to professional content writing, but Observing this in your site will make Google more valuable to your site pages, for example, if I did not mark the article you are reading with numbers and H tags, you would not be able to read it easily and this article is half done. You would leave.

57- Be sure to specify the priority of your site pages in the site map.

As you know, a sitemap and its design is one of the main priorities of SEO and optimization. In fact, a sitemap is a collection of code that contains the url of important pages of your site, and Google bots and other engines. When they enter your site, they first visit this page and access all the urls of your site through it, and this makes all the pages of your site in Google easily indexed, so always try to map your site after the main path. The site should be located with the address sitemap.xml, it is very important that the map address of your site is very clear and specific and is because many search engines are accustomed to refer to this address from the site to map To view the site, after creating a sitemap, be sure to introduce your sitemap address to Google through the Google Webmaster Tools or search console tool and wait for Google to index all the pages you put in the sitemap, of course, note the widget There are many tools for building sitemaps in WordPress and Joomla that are detailed in one article We are talking about them, but the most important part of this factor is to observe the correct prioritization of site pages in the site map well. The characteristic of determining the importance and priority of site pages in the site map is the priority index, the number of which is from 0.1 to 1. Prioritize the importance of variable site urls and it is better to set the priority of your site’s home page 1 so that Google pays more attention to this page and other pages and products of your site to 0.9 and your site articles to 0.7, for example to Google To be able to differentiate between different pages of your site, creating a professional sitemap is so important that many SEOs first create a sitemap for them as soon as they get an SEO project.

58. Design your site user-friendly and easy.

Of course, when you SEO your site, the goal is not just for the user to enter your site from Google results, and the main goal is that after the user enters the site, your website is designed so that the user enjoys its design and is more willing to The other pages of your site rotate and stop, so try to design your site very beautifully and differently and spend a lot of time and money to design your site. Doing this, which is also called UX in design, is one of the factors that causes The user should stop at your site and spend more time in your site, and as a result your site should be bookmarked because of its beauty and differentness, and it is very valuable for Google that your site attracts the user, as well as all the factors. It can be concluded that you should spend a lot of time on factors such as site design and user-friendliness to optimize your site for humans, not just search engines, when the visitor can use your site well, Google also puts your site at the top of the results It puts itself and directs more visitors to your site, please Show your website to a Ux and Ui designer right now and ask him to comment on your site, to make sure you get different views.

59. Be careful when using the domain park.

In the field of SEO and optimization, there are always rumors and unprincipled methods that are usually spread by people who do not have enough knowledge in the field of SEO among other users, and as a result, reduce the ranking of sites or sometimes penalize sites. One of the important factors is that they say you should provide 15 ranked domains for your site and park them on your site to increase the credibility of your site in Google, the purpose of SEO work to do this is that another 15 domains Transfer their credit to your site, that is, add it to your site’s credit without any hassle, and of course this is an unprincipled method, but if you decide to do so, you should not park the domains on your site normally, you You should delete these domains with a 301 redirect code on your site, a 301 redirect will cause the domain credentials to be transferred to your site, not park the domains, but we still recommend these irrational methods. Do not use and use this method only in necessary cases such as changing your site address to a new address.

Important factors of the site:

60- Have a contact page on your site.

Google checks all the pages of your site, such as the header and footer, the contact us page and the google + account, Google’s purpose in doing this is to find out if your site is a valid and reliable site or not? And all the principles are observed? And are there important pages in the site or not? Be sure to design your contact page for your site with the contact-us address and try to introduce your company address, contact number and email address in the contact page, and be sure in the contact page. Let’s use google map with your site and show the physical location of your cartoon business to users on this page and introduce your site’s official accounts on social networks on the contact us page, never underestimate your site contact page and Try to use the short contact form on this page and do your best to design this page in the most beautiful way possible so that you can attract the trust of users and search engines on this page. It is important and very important. Check your site’s contact page right now to see if you have followed all the items well?

61.Observe the content layout on each page.

Content and sentence layout on each page is a science in itself in the field of site design, and you must observe the content layout on each page so that both users and search engine robots can easily navigate your site pages and To extract the site information more easily, one of the patterns for observing the layout on the site is the z patern pattern, which is provided by moz company, and in this template, it is well explained exactly what parts the user enters after entering the site. Unconsciously, the discussion about the layout of the content on the pages of the site is very specialized and the content of this article does not matter. To gain experience in this field, you can use specialized blogs such as, my goal is Mentioning this factor was to tell you that if you can put content layout within your site on its own principles, you will get better results.

62- Do not forget to update the site in general.

One thing you have to accept and know is that your site should not always be fixed and unchanged, your site should always be updated, update your site pages and improve them, modify your articles and even add your new findings to them. You can increase the number of images of your articles that you have already written and published on your site and add more photos and media to the article because this will increase the page rank of your site and your articles, try new content to your site in a regular period of time. Add and enrich your site scientifically, my main point is that your site should not be dead and should be constantly updated, search engines if they understand the changes and improvements in your site and understand that your site is always As they get richer and better, they care more about your site and try to visit your site faster than before and index your content faster, prove to search engines that you care about your site and prove it to them. You care about enriching the internet with scientific content so that they, as a result, are important to your site Body and indirectly increase your popularity and increase your sales.

63- The number of full pages of the site is very important.

One of the characteristics of large and successful sites is that they have a large number of pages, of course, a large number of pages that provide valuable content to users in each of the pages, for example, a site that has 800 pages and each page of that site has more than If there are 1000 words, Google rates this site very well and considers it a good credit for the whole site, because Google understands very well the business that has provided so much valuable content on its website and has worked so hard. So it can certainly provide enough information about its products to its users, Google likes the richness of sites and directs its traffic to a site that is scientifically rich in its products, if in English sites about Search for a specific article, you will come across pages that have more than 5000 words in each article, and we have provided a lot of images from the content to better understand the topic, and there may also be videos in that content. And if you pay attention to the number of subscriptions to that article, you will notice that that article is birch more than 500 times It is shared by people and this means that this is a popular site and Google definitely pays a lot of attention to such sites in its rankings. What I want to tell you is that when a site has so much content, Google also sends traffic to the products of that site. Until that site can sell its products, that is, Google sends customers as a reward for that site.

64- Activate your sitemap.

Of course, I explained this in invoice number 57, but to explain the importance of this issue in this invoice, I will talk about it in more detail, the site map is a file in xml format. Inside that url is all the pages of the site and the task of the site map is to collect all the URLs of the site pages in one or more pages and introduce them to search engines, if you use Joomla’s content management system JSitemap component can be the best choice for you to build a professional sitemap, and if you use WordPress content management system, yoast seo plugin can be one of the best choices to build a standard sitemap, after producing a sitemap In xml format. Be sure to introduce it to Google through the search console tool so that Google can index your site content faster than before.

65. The availability of your site is always very important.

It can be said that this is one of the most important factors that the activity of the host company is in the same field. If you have an important business site and you have paid a lot of money to increase its ranking and SEO, you can always compete in Google results. It is very important that your site is available and your site server is not down, imagine that in some hours when Google users and visitors read, they enter your site and then your site is down for any reason and the site host is not available, in This means that you get a lot of negative points from Google because Google pays a lot of attention to your site’s shortcomings, so always take your site’s host and server very seriously and pay a lot for it, because good hosting is the main infrastructure of your site.

66. Choose the location of your site servers wisely.

Recently, due to pigeon or local seo intelligent algorithms, Google usually tends to show the site product searcher that the site server is very close to the site visitor position, Google’s purpose in doing this is: First, the site in question Simultaneously with the visitor, secondly, the site servers are very close to the visitor’s place so that the site opens to the user much faster due to the shorter geographical distance, and thirdly, the nearest business is introduced to the searcher so that customers can better visit the site. And companies to receive services.

67. Get a valid SSL for your site.

ssl is a security certificate that you can buy for your site and then instead of opening your site with the http protocol, it opens with the https protocol. The task of ssl is to encrypt the information exchanged between the user and the sites, in fact after activating ssl For service and news sites, the information exchanged between visitors and sites is encrypted with sophisticated algorithms, and therefore the security of sites that use ssl is greater than sites that operate normally, and is one of Google’s factors. It is also the security of sites and sites that use ssl are more important than other sites because this increases the security of users within the sites, of course to provide ssl you need a server or host with a dedicated IP for yourself Keep in mind that this is just one of the hundreds of important Google factors, and I have noticed that some of our customers just follow the SEO principles and infrastructure within their site. Go quickly and buy an SSL for their site and wait Increasing rank in Google, this is being cultured by ssl sellers, which will change your SEO site by buying ssl, but this is just an advertising slogan and you should know that this factor is a useful factor in SEO, but alone and without observing other factors. SEO does not increase your site ranking.

68- Have a service rules and regulations page inside your site.

Every website should have a set of rules and regulations to serve its users, it does not matter if your site is a service or entertainment or services, you should prepare a rules page for your website and rules for using the services and services or even using Provide your website content to users, the term of services page is one of the most important pages in large and reputable websites, so search engine robots when they enter your website first pay attention Whether your website has a term of services page or not, and this is a positive and undisclosed factor, be sure to try the url of this page is term-of-services.

69. Identify and delete duplicate meta tags.

Meta tags are one of the main characteristics of introducing elements and content on a page to search engines, and title meta tags and description meta tags are two of the most important meta tags of any page of the website, and it is important for many sites. The problem is that some content management systems create duplicate meta tags for your web pages, that is, they create duplicate meta tags for the 20 pages of your website, and this causes Google or other search engines. Do not pay any attention to those pages of your website and you will see a severe drop in traffic to your website. If you want to know if your site has a duplicate meta tag or not, first enter Google Webmaster Tools or the same Search console and after entering your website page in Google Webmaster Tools From the left menu, click on Search Appearance and then click on HTML improvements. After entering this section, click on the Duplicate meta descriptions item to see duplicate meta tags of your website description tags. And if on the Duplicate title tags option n Click here Google will show you a list of pages of your website that have duplicate titles, be sure if you identify these pages and fix their problems Google after a short time very good traffic to the site You lead.

70- Activate the breadcrumb plugin or site path.

Breadcrump, or site path, is a plugin that displays the path of the site in a step-by-step manner, for example, imagine you are reading an article on website SEO factors and to read this article you entered the site optimization content collection and then this You have found the article and you are reading it. If you go to the top of this article, ie above the title of this article, you will notice that there is an article path bar or where you are, and it looks like this: Home> SEO and Optimization > 126 Important SEO and site optimization factors This item also helps the audience to know which page is located and also helps search engines to identify the topic and category of the article more easily and if well through the site or Breadcrump Use after a while in Google results, the path of the article on your site will appear lower than the title of the article in the results, my recommendation is to activate the site path plugin in all sections of your website today.

71. Be sure to optimize your website for mobile.

The issue of website optimization for mobile started 3 years ago and is becoming more important every day until today, website optimization for mobile is one of the main factors of SEO and success of a website in search results. Nowadays, most people in the world have turned to using small gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets, and for convenience and convenience, they use mobile phones for surfing the web and online shopping, or you may even be viewing this article on mobile phones, in this Google has decided that if a mobile user searches for a phrase in this search engine, it should only show websites in its results that are optimized for the mobile device, and in recent months Google has warned that all websites that are supposed to Mobile is not optimal from its results, but in my personal recommendation, your website is not optimal for mobile, and I recommend that you open your website in several different mobile phones and check exactly what your website looks like on mobile. Improve on mobile, if you enable Google Analytics inside your website You will surely find out what percentage of your website visitors use mobile and you will be surprised to see the results.

72. Use sharing sites to share videos on your site.

Google cares about sharing sites because one of the best video sharing websites in the world belongs to Google itself. So, if you produce educational videos for your website, be sure to upload them to sharing sites, and below the video, in the video description section, put a link to the page url related to that video inside your site, and then from within. Your website should also create a link to the page of the same video that you shared on the site to realize its positive and stunning results. After doing this, very strong traffic will be directed to that page of your site, as we said before, use Social networks are very important for Google and one of the most important sharing sites is one of Google’s own services, so if you include your site’s videos and work on them, your site will receive very good credit from Google, so why not? Do not produce video at all on your site? Do you know how much it affects the trust of users and search engines in your site?

73. The content of your site should be available to your users.

This is one of the main and important topics in website SEO and you may not have heard of this factor at all. In many foreign countries and international SEO companies, this issue is being discussed daily and is one of the important factors. SEO has become and at the same time it is a very simple factor, which means that if your site has special and very good features and options for users, you should also make it available to users, for example, if your site is in the field of goods. There is a digital activity and for example, you have a video section inside your site and very attractive videos are also included. So, think about how the user should have access to this section? Did you put this menu at the bottom of your site or in the right bar or do you have an incomprehensible photo and show it to the user so that he can enter the videos section through it? No, it should not be like this, you should bring this part and put it in the top menu of your site so that it is exactly available to the user. SEO, which is not just a set of specific rules, SEO means that the user can enter your website and use your website easily. Now go and check your site again and see what are the good features in your site and then check to see if these really good features are in the user’s view or the user never sees them? Take this factor very seriously.

74. Use the google webmaster tools or search console.

Of course, Google executives always emphasize that we do not care much about Webmaster Tools and do not take it into account in the results, but I see that websites that are registered in Google Webmaster Tools are much easier and faster to The above results reach the search engines and progress much faster. Far from any rumors, be sure to register your website in Google Webmaster Tools and put the Webmaster Tools code in your site, Google Webmaster Tools is a very accurate and comprehensive SEO tool. And it is considered as website optimization and can show you the SEO flaws of your website and tell you how many users enter your website from Google daily or what links your website has received from other sites and… Features of Google Webmaster Tools are very valuable, so use this tool 100% to improve your website SEO, using this tool is the first principle of SEO a site in Google.

75. Use the google analytics tool.

Google Analytics is another free Google tool for webmasters, by joining Google Analytics and putting the Google Analytics code inside your website, you can enjoy the many benefits of this tool for your website SEO, Google Analytics One One of the best and most accurate tools for analyzing website traffic statistics and recognizing user behavior on your website is Google Analytics. For example, Google Analytics tells you exactly how many visitors your website has today and how many of them have entered through search engines. They came to the site and some of them entered your site through your ads on other websites or even some of them entered your website address directly into the browser and entered your website and also tells you users on average a few minutes Have a stop on your site and which pages have the most stops and tell you which countries most of your site visitors are from or enter your site via mobile or computer or even tell you through which browser most users enter the website You are, this tool has thousands of other possibilities And also provides you with the analysis of this information, with a more complete view of your website in the best way, to use this tool inside your site, I suggest you use the video tutorial to activate Google Analytics on the website .

Backlink factors:

76. The lifespan of the domains that link to you is very important.

When webmasters realized that if they received a link to their site, it would increase the ranking of their site in Google, many people would go and establish about 20 new sites and from those sites would very cleverly link to their own site, and then Realizing for a while that there is no change in the ranking of their site, the point is that you should note that the lifespan of the domains from which you receive links should be long, the longer the lifespan of the domain that links to you, the higher the score. Get more, for example, the value of links from a domain that is 8 years old, which is an active site, is much more than domain links that have just been launched for 3 months, so be sure to try to get links from older sites with a longer lifespan, because this site Are more valid from Google’s point of view, so that you can understand the life of each domain, you can take the domain name of whois and identify the date of registration of the domain and check from the time the domain was registered until today, this site exactly how many years old Yes.

77- The number of links you receive from root domains is very important.

To increase the credibility of your site, you need to get quality links from the root domains. Many people receive links from the sub-pages of their websites to increase the credibility of their site, and this credit is not always good for your site. The fact that a domain like links to your site from the main page, that is, the exact address, links that are given to your site from the main root of valid domains is very valid for your site, but be very careful that inside Do not overdo it, do not decide to buy the link! Our goal is not black hat or temporary SEO.

78- Get links from servers with different class c.

When you receive a link from a site, Google identifies and analyzes the domain name of that site, and by analyzing the domain name, it obtains the IP of the server of that site, and as you know, each server has an IP that consists of 4 parts. That is, parts a, b, c, and d, and each part of the IP is called a class, and each IP is composed of 4 different classes, the third class IP is called class C, and Google to class C the IP address of the domains that link to you Maidan pays a lot of attention, you must ask why class c? This is because class c of each IP indicates the location of the server and the country of the linking site, and Google expects your site to be linked to from all over the world, not all sites that link to you are from a specific country, and if so It happens that Google becomes suspicious of your site, so try to create links for your website on reputable sites around the world to increase the popularity of your website, this is one of the main factors in getting a link from being fined Your site will be blocked by Google and your link building will look more natural.

79. The number of pages from a domain that links to you is very important.

This is another important factor that is rarely discussed anywhere, when you pay money to a site and that site puts your site link in all its pages, what do you think Google thinks of your site? Put yourself instead of Google. What does it mean when you see a site linking to your site from all its pages? It means that you paid to get your body link and Google hates it so much that you buy the link, Google likes the sites to link to you, not that you pay and get the link, Google says what at all Is there a reason for a site to link to you from all its pages? And the answer is that you are cheating and Google is quickly penalizing your site and losing all your site credibility, so what is the solution? Instead of receiving links from all the pages of a site, you should receive links only from one of the pages of that site, and instead increase the variety of your links, which is called receiving ad reporting, ie a popular site only inside A Rajab page writes an article on your website and links to your website, and this has a tremendous effect on your website.

80- Get links from alt tags of advertising banners on sites.

If you want to get a link to your site, you have to direct a lot of links to your site. One of the ways is to direct the link to your site from the alt tag banner ads, and Google likes this very much and it is not considered fraud, that is, this When you place your banner ad in a famous and popular site, give the keyword of your website to the administrator of that site and tell him to put the keyword of your website in the alt tag of that banner and then direct the link from that banner to your site, This was one of the biggest secrets of receiving useful backlinks that I offered to you and I hope you use this factor very well, it is really important not to put an advertising banner in a big Yahoo site and get all the links and then for example two Cancel your entire banner this month to save on advertising costs, as your site traffic and site links will drop sharply and have irreversible effects on your site, so consider your advertising budget first and for Set aside a budget for a year and do it for a year or so To do this, doing this requires strategy. Please do not do your own thing by doing it wrong.

81- From different domains with edu extensions. And gov. And get the link

The variety of backlinks directed to your site is one of the secrets of success in link building, for example, not all sites that link to you ir. Or com. Well, that means you are cheating and your site links are fake, getting links from different TLDs is very important, edu domains. Corresponding to universities and authoritative scientific sources are gov domains. Are related to reputable government sites, and domains are related to Iranian schools or universities; Now, if you can identify sites with high extensions and even receive a link from each of them, the value of these links from thousands of normal sites that give you more body links, do not forget that the variety in receiving backlinks operating agent Your success in hard search engines, like Google.

82- Get links from domains and pages that have high authority.

authority is one of the most important indicators of the credibility of web pages provided by moz company, which is one of the largest scientific research companies in the field of search engine success, and each page of your website has a different authority, the number of which is from 1 to 100 Well now if you want to identify the authority of web pages there are two ways, the first way is to go to the website and enter the url you want to give authority to that page Show and the other way is to download the moz bar tool and install it on your browser and so every time you enter the web page authority shows you that page and now your goal should be to get links from pages that They have very high authority, for example, authority from 40 up is considered very strong, you should always try to get links from pages that have higher authority within your link building, and this will make you receive more effective links.

83- Get links from your colleagues in a field of work.

this is a very important factor and Google loves sites that link to each other that operate in the same field or in the same field and for These links are very valuable, for example, the Fa host site is active in the field of hosting and web hosting. Now, if other hosting websites are as good as the body of the Fa link, the value of these links is much higher than receiving links from non-business related sites It’s our website, of course do not think that other sites should always link to you, you can also link to the site of your reputable competitors worldwide, this makes Google follow these links very quickly the subject of your website activity Recognize and by doing this correctly, you will see an increase in the ranking within the keywords of your site, although this is a difficult task, but talk to your colleagues and explain the importance of this issue to them and receive a valid link from your colleagues and you will get a link to Be that as it may, always know that valuable links are hard to come by Ann, you try to be different and convince your colleague to link to you.

84. Put social media sharing buttons on your site.

If you are one of those websites that you value for your customers and you produce useful and good articles for them or you want to be one of these sites, then you should know well that content production alone is not enough and you You need to produce content that is well shared on social media. One of the most important criteria for measuring the value of an article is how much it is shared on social media, so try the article sharing buttons at the bottom of your articles. Be sure to include social networks; This makes it easy for users to share your article with others on social media if they enjoy it.

85- If you link to spam sites, it is harmful to the credibility of your site.

You may not know which sites you have linked to yet, but Google knows very well what sites you link to and it follows the links outside your site carefully, and you should know this when You link to a site, you give part of your site credit to that site, and by linking to that site, you tell Google that I have complete trust in this site and I have decided to give some of my credit to this site, and Google will listen to you. And Google checks the destination site, if Google notices while browsing the destination site that the website is a spammer and infringer site sees this from your eyes and it is very bad for the credibility of your site, very well you certainly can not understand Which sites are spammers and which sites are normal, so in order for this problem to never occur to you, nofollow the outbound links from your site. When you nofollow outbound links from your site, you tell Google that I will link to this site, but to it I do not trust, so please do not give my credit to that site, there are many tools to nofollow donkey links There is a site that you can search for more plugins that do this in the content management system.

86- Post your content as a guest post on other sites.

This is one of the healthiest, best and most valuable ways to get quality links. I decided to introduce you to this method. You can identify websites that are active in your field of work and with the managers of this Get in touch with the websites or read the guest writing conditions on these sites, then all you have to do is generate a specific and useful article for that site and submit it to that site when the site administrator enters your article. It puts a link to your site as a source and this is very valuable for your site because this link is never removed and is added to the life of this link every day, when a site links to your site from a scientific article this To increase the credibility of your website, getting one or more links with these useful methods is more useful for you than buying links in thousands of worthless sites, including my note that valuable links are easily Do not touch.

87- Get a link for the internal pages of your site.

I often see that webmasters or SEOs get all the links to the url of their site’s home page so that they can get high in their site keywords as fast as possible and sell high, but Google has a different view on this issue. In fact, the main page of your website is where your products are briefly introduced and the main page of your site is to direct the user to other pages of your site, very well, this page has neither scientific nor useful content for Internet users, That’s why you should not get all the links for your site’s home page. When you direct all the links to your site’s home page, it means you are telling Google that I am cheating, if you want to SEO your site in a way that is always valid and a If the source of income is fixed, you should produce useful articles and get links for your articles and other useful pages. My promise is that you should not worry at all when you produce all useful and valuable content and link to them. This is a very good point for Google. It also considers your site’s main and key site’s keywords And in complete disbelief, when you help Internet users and produce useful content, Google also sends you customers, do not worry, you SEO your site in principle, Google has your air, if you get a link to your site’s home page, you will lose in SEO. You are one hundred.

88. nofollow links are less important to Google.

Always know that Google does not value nofollow links, so if you decide to get links from somewhere, always try to focus more on getting dofollow links, but note that I said try to get more links from your site dofollow And I mean, your main focus is on getting dofollow links and paying for links like this, but as I said before, Google likes sites that get a lot of links to them, I recommend some Sometimes you also get nofollow links to increase the variety of your site links, if a site has a very high reputation in Google, when you give a nofollow link to your site, it has a good effect on your site’s ranking.

89. Do not receive too many links from one domain.

As I said before, you should be very careful about receiving the link and do it very principled and ethical. For this reason, my advice and experience is that if you want to receive the link from a site, be sure to contact the administrators of that site and the administrators. Large sites like news sites; Download and have fun to put your link only in some pages of their site, not that Yahoo links to you in a few thousand pages, do not imagine that the more links you get, the more points you get, no, it is not like that, if too much and without Be very careful. Get a link from a site. By doing this, you will tell Google that I am cheating and Google will fine you.

90- Do not use the 301 redirect technique to direct the credibility of other sites’ pages to your site.

Maybe this is an interesting factor for you, for some time now, many newer SEOs, when they want to SEO a site, find a series of domains that are already active and now these sites or their domains have expired and Disappeared or no longer active at all, then they buy SEO efficient between these domains and connect it to the host, then check through very clever methods which url of this domain already has a high reputation in the engine Having search engines and after identifying these pages, they redirect them to the site they want to SEO by redirect 301 technique, and thus cheat in search engine results, and then see the site rank increase, but after a while. A few sites will be severely penalized by search engines and disappear from the results, so my advice is not to use such unethical techniques to SEO your website in any way, sometimes not doing some things on your own will lead to success. Yes, and this is one of those factors.

91- Use your keyword in anchor text.

If you are writing an article on other sites or internet forums, you can receive a link to your site with anchor texts with caution. Anchor text means the same keyword, for example, when you write an article and your site keyword is inside. Link that word to the page related to that word from your site, but be very careful when doing this and try not to repeat it so much that it will confuse and upset Internet users, excessive use of these techniques can result. Reverse, so do it with balance and caution.

92- Use anchor text for internal links of your site.

This is another important factor of SEO, which I named internal link building, or in-site SEO. Suppose one of the topics of your website is internet marketing and they write an article and in that article they tell users that it is one of the optimal techniques. Use website optimization to make their website more popular, now all you have to do is link from the word optimization to the page or collection of your site that contains the content or product optimization, and this will give credibility Increase the landing page in search engines and complete the internal building link of your site, try to provide a link between other pages of your site through the link with anchor text or the same keyword, but it is better not to remove more than 3 links from each article And be very careful in doing this and link related articles and content through this technique, this in addition to increasing the ranking will cause search engine robots to circulate more inside your site and your site content much faster than before. Indexed, this factor is one of the main factors It is about the structure of links within the site.

93- Get links from different TLDs.

TLD means domain registrars and each country has its own tld, for example the Japanese domain extension jp. Is and extension of German domains de. Yes, US domain extensions us. Yes, now if you can get links from different extensions and different sites around the world, it is very useful for your site and makes Google value your site very much, as I said before, the variety of links received is one One of the most important principles of success in link building strategy for your website.

94. The position of the links directed to your site is very important.

This factor is also one of the most important backlink factors, which is an undisclosed secret and is rarely explained anywhere. When a website links to your site, it can link to you from different situations, for example, it can Link to you from the site menu, or link to you from the site footer, or link to you from the sidebar of the site, considering that most of the paid links and purchases from the footer and sidebar are directed to the destination sites. Google pays very little attention to the links of these new positions, what you need to know is that the most valuable position of a site to receive a link is the content position of that site, ie the position of the content or the position in which the article is written, so If you are looking for basic and useful links, try to ask the site administrators to link to your site from the position of the article, which has a so-called reportage and high costs, but you should know that this is one of the most valuable types. There are links.

95- Get links from sites related to the subject of your site activity.

If you decide to do a very appropriate and principled link building for your website, be sure to try to put your website link in sites that are related to the subject of your site activity, for example, a site in the field of website design should not be from a site Entertainment magazine will receive the link, or even if you are going to receive links from forums and forums, be sure to try to put your website link in the directories and specific topics of that forum that are related to the activity of your website.

96. Keywords before and after your links are also very important.

You may seldom find an explanation for this factor on the Internet, but it is one of the main secrets of proper link building; This means that if you put an article inside a website to get a link from that article, you should pay close attention to the words before and after the word that you link to your site, because the words before and after the anchor link Your site is a keyword; So after knowing this factor, you can present texts for your site with a clever technique and put your keywords before and after the word you want to link to your site, and then put this text in a series of sites. Be aware of the tremendous impact of this type of link building. Of course, this technique is better used when you decide to publish an ad report for your website on the most visited websites.

97. The keyword in the title of the page that links to you is also important.

You may not have heard of this factor before, but you should know that it is one of the most important principles of receiving quality links. The meaning of this factor is that if you decide to receive a link from one of the pages of a website for your website, you should go to title or title Pay attention to that page and make sure that the keyword related to your activity is inside the title of that page, for example, if you decide to place an ad report to get useful links on popular sites, you should make sure that the keyword is related to the web activity. Your site is inside the title of the page where your linked text is located, I think now you better understand why you should not receive links from all pages of a site, this will better understand the factor number 79 for you.

98. The positive growth of links directed to your site is important.

Do you decide to build a link to improve your site in search engine results? There is nothing wrong with doing this, but Google should not understand that you are doing this manually, Google likes people from all over the world to link to your site naturally, not buy links, if Google finds out that you Purchasing a link for your site will undoubtedly penalize you, now one of the ways that Google recognizes the difference between natural and marketable links is that during a general period of time (very) the site links to you and for example after 3 months This process should stop and the number of links to your site should remain at the same level, so you should turn to natural link building strategies, which means that instead of buying all the links for your site, do something and produce content. Make it valuable and people will automatically link to your site every day so that the number of links to your site is always increasing and when you were able to do this and Google realized that the links directed to your site are growing positively. And they are increasing every day.

99. Decreasing the number of links to your site affects the ranking of your site.

Link building link is effective and effective in itself, but provided that it is principled and natural, when you buy the whole link for your site and after a few months you will not get any results and from then on you can not renew your site links and its costs You do not pay, what happened is that the links of your site are gradually removed from those sites and you see a decrease in the number of links directed to your site, and when this happens, Google realizes that you bought those links and it is normal It is not and this is where Google fines you and your site can never see the color of success in search engines, always remember that natural links are never deleted because they can not be deleted and are always valuable, but if you buy a link, definitely a One day it will be removed and the smoke will go out in your own eyes.

100- The life of the links that are directed to your site is very important.

If you want to do link building or buy links for your site, be very careful that Google pays a lot of attention to the life of your site backlinks, for example, you may buy a link but do not see the result in the first month, but within the next 3 months that link has a good effect On your site, so my advice is that if you are going to cheat or buy links as we say, be sure to try to buy your links for a year or more and be sure that as time goes by and the life of your site links increases in the results Search engines see more rankings, but you should never buy links that you can not afford to renew and then delete for a while.


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