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Learn to clean and polish car headlights in three different ways

Learn to clean and polish car headlights in three different ways

Ways to clean the car headlights

Clean and shine car headlights

It has probably happened to you that after a long time, you will encounter discoloration and dull car headlights. The lights lose their beauty in this case and the lack of transparency or sufficient light are among the problems that you may face, but fortunately there are low-cost solutions that help drivers in cleaning, Eliminate opacity and shine car headlights Help.

Cause of dirty and dim car headlights

You probably want to know the reason before solving this problem; Yellow or dull car headlights occur after several years of use for two general reasons:

1. Acid rain

Acid rain caused by air pollution causes problems with paint and damage to objects such as car bodies. If the car headlights are exposed to acid rain, the color will change over time.

2. Creating scratches and scratches on the lights

Collisions of small and large objects over time can damage the talc and create lines and scratches that break the light and reduce the driver’s vision.

If you encounter such a problem, you can replace the car headlights, but since the talc is not sold alone, you have to buy the whole body and headlights together; This increases costs, especially if you use high-end or foreign model cars. If you want to clean and shine car headlights at the lowest cost, follow the contents below.

Car headlight cleaning

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It is best to always keep your headlights clean and shiny

Dirty lights do not allow light to illuminate the environment properly and create hazards. Although it is possible Car headlight cleaning It may seem simple, but you should pay attention to the following points:

You may have heard that it is better to open the headlights and then take the necessary steps to clean the car, but before doing so, be sure to note that the headlights in today’s cars are a little more complicated and open. Or closing it requires skill. You may not be able to close it properly or parts may be damaged after opening.

• First find the problem of car headlights properly and then choose one of the following methods to clean them. Dirty and dim car headlights can vary depending on the situation and in some cases can be removed with easy steps.

Simple and cheap methods Car headlight cleaning

If you have only a problem with dirt or a small amount of turbidity and lines and scratches on the car headlights, you can use these solutions to clean the car headlights:

• Use cloth and water to clean car headlights

The easiest solution for times when you only face dirty or muddy lights! Be sure to pay attention to car headlights while driving and traveling, and clean them with a damp cloth or old cloth if contaminated.

using Toothpaste and toothbrush for cleaning car headlights

 Cleaning car headlights with toothpaste, cleaning car headlights, scratching car headlights

Use toothpaste and toothbrush to clean car headlights

The use of these two devices for cleaning is often recommended in addition to brushing teeth. This method is cheap and can be used almost anywhere, and with proper impact, it is one of the best ways to make car headlights shine.

To clean car headlights with toothpaste, first get a toothbrush, toothpaste, spray or water bottle, soft tissue and detergent.

In the second step, it is better to wash the lights once with water and detergent to identify the parts that are more yellow or dull. Mark the parts after the lights dry. You can also use glue around the body of the car headlight to prevent damage to the paint.

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Prevent damage to other parts by gluing around the lamp

In the third step, soak a damp cloth in enough toothpaste and clean the lamp in a circular motion for about five minutes, and if you feel you need more toothpaste or water, be sure to add them.

In the last step, after rinsing and drying the lights, you can check the result and if some parts remain, use this method or other ways to fix it.

Use sanding and polishing to clean car headlights

This method may cost a little more than the other solutions offered, but its effects are also better and it is recommended for drivers who face a lot of turbidity and dirt in the car headlights. You should also be more careful in the sanding method so as not to damage the car.

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Sanding method; The most effective way to make car headlights shine

Although manufacturers try to make the best and most durable form of lamp fixtures, this strong structure is also damaged over time and turns yellow or dull. To fix it:

1. First, get the supplies you need; To sand car headlights, you need two types of hard and soft of this product. The number recorded on the sandpaper indicates its softness and roughness, the higher the number, the softer the sandpaper.

The use of hard sanding with the number 400 and soft sanding with the number 2000 is suitable for cleaning and polishing the car headlights.

In addition to the fabric, water as well as polish are needed to light the car headlights.

2. After preparing the necessary equipment, as in the previous methods, you should thoroughly clean the surface of the lights from any kind of contamination. In addition to better visibility of light problems, this makes the sanding process go smoothly.

3. To remove the opacity of the car headlights, first use hard or coarse sandpaper. Before sanding, be sure to wet the surface of the lamp and sandpaper with water, because even the softest sandpaper in the dry state will cause scratches and scratches on the lamp.

The use of hard sanding creates numerous fine grooves on the smooth surface of the lamp; This should continue until the surface is completely opaque or dull. Of course, note that sanding should be done slowly and do not put too much pressure on the lamp.

4. After you reach the desired level, sand the lamp with soft sandpaper. Make sure that the lamp or sandpaper is not dry at all, and continue this step until the transparency of the lamp is slightly higher than before.

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Polishing car headlights

5. In the last step, you can polish the car headlights by using car polish or other chemicals to make the talc transparent. It is more common to use polish and do this:

In the first step, apply some polish on the lamp and spread it in a circle on the lamp surface with the help of cotton. Keep doing this until all the fine grooves created in the previous steps are polished.

After a while, you will probably feel the polish on the surface, in such cases, add polish and pay attention to the changes in the lights. The polishing step may take up to an hour, but the changes are visible and if you are satisfied with the result, you can finish this step in less time.

Some people use other chemicals or toothpaste instead of polishing, but the important thing is the end result.

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The difference between before and after shining car lights


Cleaning and polishing car headlights is very important and one of the points that every driver must pay attention to. You can try the different methods mentioned in this article and power the lamp by evaluating the problem with the lowest and cheapest cost. These methods are effective in many cases, but if your problem was more serious or the result did not satisfy you, you can buy from reputable stores and refer to a skilled person to replace the car headlights.

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