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Learn how to clear the cache of all browsers

Learn how to clear the cache of all browsers

Browser cache, which includes Temporary Internet Files and means “temporary Internet files”, plays a big role in increasing the loading speed for accessing sites. In fact, the browser cache contains files that are duplicated on different pages of a site, and now to browse other pages based on the algorithm that browsers have, these files are identified and instead of being loaded directly from the server, the file is temporarily stored in the computer. Is displayed. In this case, instead of waiting longer for the files on a page to load, the time is much shorter and duplicate and cached files that are in the computer’s cache will cause the page of the site to rise in a short time. In this tutorial from the host knowledge base, I am going to learn how to clear the browser cache on your computer. Using this tutorial, you can learn how to clear the cache of various browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer, and temporary files that are Delete the cache files stored in the computer cache. But before I go into how to clear the cache in different browsers, I will first address the issue of why we should delete the cached files at all?

What is a browser cache and why should we empty the browser cache?

There are various reasons for different users that we need to clear the browser cache. For example, if you are a web designer and want to make changes to the look of your site, you need to clear your browser cache to make sure the changes are working well. This is because the files needed to load the page may still be loaded in cache, in which case you will not see any changes. So you have to clear the browser cache once so that the required files are downloaded again from the server and in the updated state you can see the files. This time, the browser prepares a cache for each file from the newer version, so with this account, it can be said that the cache capability in browsers is such that by deleting and reloading the site, the files that were temporarily stored in memory are updated and restored They will be cached. On the other hand, using the tool available for webmasters, you can control how long the cached file stays in the browser.

But if you are a regular user, the same thing happens again and you may encounter errors in pages of the site. For example, suppose you are filling out a form. Now that you have already visited this site, various files from the site are cached in your browser, but now that you are filling out the form, some changes have been made to the site. Which has not yet been updated to read files from cache. Therefore, you may encounter an error when submitting the form, in which case clearing the browser cache can help you. Now that you know the reasons for clearing your browser cache and what a browser cache is, here are some ways to clear your browser cache.

How to clear the cache in Google Chrome browser

To clear the Google Chrome browser cache, first click on the three-dot icon to open the browser menu, or use the ALT + E key combination to open the browser menu similar to the image below. Then click Settings to navigate to the Google Chrome browser settings page.

After entering the settings page, type the phrase cache in the search box to display the search results similar to the image below. Now, similar to the image below, click on the Cleare Browsing Data option, which is the data for Google Chrome browser data.

After clicking on this option, a window similar to the one below will open, which you can use to clear the browser cache in a customized way.

Now, as you can see in the image, first select the time range from the Time range option to clear the cache of Google Chrome browser. This time interval can be based on the last hour, one day ago (24 hours ago), one week ago, four weeks ago and the whole interval when you installed the browser. Then select the Cached images and files option to delete only the cached images and files. If you select other options, you can delete the browser history and other data in addition to the cookie cache. After you choose to clear the Google Chrome browser cache according to the desired time period, click on the blue CLEARE DATA button and wait until the browser cache is empty and the window closes based on the file size.

You can also access this window directly by typing the address chrome: // settings / clearBrowserData into the browser, you do not need to go through all the above steps based on the image to clear the Google Chrome browser cache.

Another way is that you can go directly to Clear browsing data by pressing ctrl + shift + delete at the same time.


How to clear the cache in Firefox browser

To clear the Firefox browser cache, first click on the three-line icon in the browser corner to open the browser menu. Then click Preferences or options to go to the Firefox browser settings page. You can also type about: preferences in the browser’s address bar and hit enter.

In this step, like Google Chrome browser, type Cache in the search box and press Enter to display the Clear Data button to clear the cache of Firefox browser and click on this button.

After clicking on this button, the following window will be displayed and you can clear the Firefox browser cache. Just check the Cached Web Content option and finally click the Clear button.

In Firefox browser, this method will delete all cached files from the beginning. But to be able to control the time interval like clearing the Google Chrome browser cache, just use the history search instead of the cache search just like these steps.

After searching for the phrase history similar to the image above, click on the Clear History button to display the following window.

Now select the desired time interval using the Time range to clear option. Then select the Cache option to delete the cache files by activating the check box. Finally, click the Clear Now button to wait for the Firefox browser cache to be cleared based on the size of the files. You can also use the Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys directly to access the cache clearing window in the Firefox browser and clear the cache based on the same settings as above.

I hope that this tutorial has been of interest to you and that you have been able to learn how to clear the cache of all browsers by using it. If you have any questions or problems to remove the cache of Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer browsers, let us know in the comments section so that I can respond to you as soon as possible.

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