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Internet marketing of Beauty Business

Internet marketing of Beauty Business

Digital marketing in the Beauty Business


Study time: 9 minutes

Consumption of Beauty, beauty products and care products has grown significantly in the last few years. The global value of the beauty and personal care industry is increasing every year. But naturally there are many competitors in this industry and many beauty businesses and brands face many challenges not only in e-commerce but also in attracting customers. However, the digital world has taken the beauty industry – like any other industry – to a higher level. It is easier to communicate with customers globally through various channels and networks. If you work in this field and would like to have a first class Beauty business and internet marketing, join me in Azim Media to know the best digital marketing strategies in the Beauty industry.

In the continuation of this article, you will read:

1. Groups, forums and social networks for online Beauty advertising

Beauty companies need to use social media and other online forums to find their contacts and fans. A beauty marketer needs to find a beautiful slogan and invest in and focus on the top brand. Find leads and potential customers and talk to them about products. Ask them to share their opinions and suggestions on groups and social networks. Offer special ads only to group members or followers, and work with beauty professionals to help people solve beauty problems. Remember that your main goal is to retain customers and strengthen their relationship with your brand. This goal is achieved by creating lasting relationships.

2. Fill in your product web pages for digital Beauty marketing

Give your customers more information if you use a website to sell your products directly. Potential customers who have enough information become loyal customers. Put all the valuable information and links related to the product in the product pages and shorten the customer research process. Leave a comment section for people who have already purchased to write their comments. Doing so creates a greater sense of trust for customers. Work on your SEO site and take the application of SEO in business seriously.

3. Show off your differences in Beauty internet marketing!

Your website or online store reflects your brand; So you need to make sure it has all the information your customers and media need. Create a press page and publish all company news, interviews, press articles, blogger reviews, awards, and more. This step will make a big difference for you compared to your competitors. On your website, write the story of the progress of the work, where you started and where you are today, and put it in the view of the users in a section.

4. Use the potential of content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most powerful strategies for brand promotion. This strategy and mindset should be embedded in the depths of your brand strategies. Here are some content marketing ideas:

  • Educate people on “how to do a job” and teach people about skin care methods or various home remedies.
  • Make a list of newsletter subscribers and use it to send special ads and engaging content to your current and potential customers. Email marketing has a huge impact on the success of your business.
  • Connect directly via video. Post your message on social media like this. Video content is an attractive and easy way to increase organic and free audience.

Use surveys to get feedback and evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns. Integrate this with fun interactive content such as quizzes and pop-ups on websites, native digital marketing campaigns or social media. Use the results to align your marketing strategy.

You can also interview celebrities in the beauty industry. Find and contact bloggers and Beauty influencers. Influencer marketing is very useful in the beauty industry and is a real strategy for your industry.

5. Nano and micro Influencer, the key to the customer’s heart in Beauty internet marketing

Influencer marketing is changing and of course it has made a lot of changes. People like to connect with real people and see their daily challenges. For this reason, smaller influencers have recently become very popular. These people know how to act on trust, loyalty and originality and get customers’ attention. Of course, choosing the right influencer for your campaign is also very important and you should choose a person who is completely confident, professional, popular and with the right advertising price. Use Nano and micro influencers first and move on to millions of influencers by increasing your capital and profits. Sometimes working with local influencers also works well. These people are popular in the city or country and they will find a customer for you.

6. Collaborate with hotels and spas and massage centers for online marketing of Beauty

You can work with other brands and companies that operate in parallel with the Beauty industry. For example, work with hotels, spas and fashion companies and take a holistic approach to beauty. These partnerships not only increase brand trust and credibility but also create new distribution channels for you. For example, the Polish brand of natural Beauty Alba1913 cooperates with one of the most famous hotels in Poland and offers all its Beauty only in the hotel spa sessions. Here, customers use another product to use one of these services, and double-profit transactions are created for brands.

7. Build a smart brand

A proper brand has a great impact on the audience. Do not neglect the power of the brand to increase the credibility of your business. Most Beauty brands use the word “beauty” in their brand name. So this can be a good suggestion. Try to show your name in advertising and marketing to form a personal brand and gain more trust. Your company is shaped by your dreams and you can use a unique story about your start-up and progress to attract an audience. Use the following suggestions:

Write articles about your career and work story and publish them on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Especially Instagram marketing in Iran is very productive and productive.
Share useful information, challenges, and plans for the future. This will introduce you to a powerful industry leader in the long run.
Talk very clearly about your company’s vision and mission. Even talk to your customers about these topics through direct conversations. Over 90% of customers like to hear about it.
Keep in touch with beauty magazines that cover the beauty industry and Beauty. Here, you will create positive ads.

8. Content ideas to dramatically increase the digital efficiency of Beauty marketing

Digital Efficiency Beauty Marketing Internet marketing of Beauty

One challenge for beauty marketers is to come up with new ideas for content production. Here are some ways to generate content for beauty marketing activities:

Publish attractive, so-called “Instagramable” content. If you do not have a large budget for this work, first work with talented amateur photographers and gradually use more professional people.
Publish “before and after” pictures, videos and stories. This shows the effect of your Beauty.
Collaborate with cosmetic artists. People who do interesting makeup and draw strange and interesting paintings on their faces. These people love natural Beauty and many of them share their skin care tips online. So they are a powerful way to attract your new leads.
Analyze popular beauty hashtags and use them in online Beauty marketing using various programs and applications.
Define your brand stories through local advertising networks, Instagram, YouTube and.. Provide tutorials, tips, and tricks on how to use Beauty, product benefits, and more.

Publish stories of interesting customer experiences and share content generated by your users on websites, social networks and other advertising platforms.
Make exciting and creative suggestions. Think about what people can do to promote your brand. A short video showing them using your products is a good idea. Ask them to share the video with your own hashtag. Finally, the winners will receive a cash prize or a coupon to buy your products.
It is a good idea to work with an organization that promotes social values. Research shows that 87% of consumers choose a brand that supports their organizations, activities and topics.
Be active and customer oriented. Respond to customer feedback quickly and amicably. Put your audience, their needs, and wants at the center of all your marketing ideas and initiatives. Remember that the customer is always right and his satisfaction is at the forefront of your activities.
Use gifts and videos to engage people and audiences. Video is a powerful tool, and it is not surprising that 87% of marketers use video in their activities.

9. Use augmented reality (AR) to experiment and advertise Beauty

Beauty testing and advertising | Internet marketing of Beauty

Augmented reality is one of the newest ideas to attract customers. Eye movement patterns can be identified and positive or negative customer feedback can be predicted. The results show that the use of this technology has increased the conversion rate by 27%.

The famous beauty brand L’Oreal has used virtual reality, which is also called “L’Oreal Beauty Lab”. There are many benefits to using this technology. For example, productivity has increased and inefficiencies have decreased. Decisions are also made faster, and improvements are made more quickly. As a result, costs are lower and sales are higher.

10. Using new methods of internet Beauty marketing

To succeed in this field, you must put aside the old methods and have a kind of future research in your business. For example, you no longer need crowded festivals and openings in a mall. Easily put all products on your site and send orders by mail. Use online ads, influencers, and campaigns instead of street banners and leaflets. Of course, the old methods are sometimes good, but the new methods are usually less expensive and respond quickly.


Digital marketing has taken root in all kinds of businesses, and from the jewelry industry to real estate, all businesses use digital advertising and Internet marketing. The beauty market is also quite competitive, and just having a beauty brand with great products is not enough. You have to work hard on advertising, marketing and getting your brand heard. You need to tell your own unique story and make sure it reaches the right audience. Content marketing is a great way to present your company’s brand, products, and unique identity across a wide range of global networks. So as much as you can attract the attention and feelings of your customers and implement the strategies mentioned.

Important Notes:

Beauty Internet Marketing Strategies:

  • Use of groups, associations and social networks;
  • Complete product web pages for digital cosmetics marketing;
  • Use content marketing potential;
  • Nano and micro influenza, the key to the customer’s heart in cosmetics internet marketing;
  • Cooperation with hotels and spa and massage centers;
  • Build a smart brand ‌;
  • Using new ideas to produce content;
  • Use of augmented reality (AR) for experiments and advertising;
  • Using new internet marketing methods.

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