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Increase product sales by using a few tools and practical tricks

Increase product sales by using a few tools and practical tricks

Today’s world is a place of competition and speed. In any business, you will quickly find competitors. Now is the time to be able to sell your products or services as much as possible. Of course, to increase sales or provide services instead of the old methods (such as discounting or lowering the price), you can use tools and tricks to increase sales that help you sell more without losing money and surpass your competitors. Here are some interesting practical tips that you may not have encountered anywhere before!



Among business-related software, those that relate to the sales department and the sales process are most concerned with competing over the customer. From very simple applications (which only store sales data) to complex applications (which can also do forecasting and analysis in transactions), these softwares can be very helpful in increasing sales and providing services. Here are some of the most important sales tools.

1. Trello

This web-based software (and its application) is designed to manage projects and coordinate tasks between team members or groups working together. With this software, each part of the project can be easily assigned to a specific person and everything is visible and available to members. Also, for convenience, you can define colored tags that each indicate a specific situation and indicate what stage each part of the project is at.

2. Evernote

Ornot acts like a notebook and can be used to manage tasks and memorize different things. The difference with the Note program or the physical notebook is that it can be easily used anywhere and all the information entered in it can be found. In other words, to find something we have already entered, we do not need to flip through all its pages and just search for it.

3. Customer Relationship Management or CRM software

CRM software

CRMs are one of the most powerful software for increasing sales or service delivery that are used to manage and analyze customer information and data. CRM software Connects customer information to a single CRM database so that users can easily manage and access large amounts of customer information. Other features of this powerful software include:

  • Record customer transactions (via email, phone call, social media and other channels);
  • Automate various work processes such as tasks, calendars, alerts, marketing and sales;
  • Ability to track performance and increase sales team productivity;
  • Customizing customer information or leads.

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4. Rapportive

Reports is a plugin that is installed on Gmail and its job is to guess the email addresses. Using it, one can guess the desired email (which could be the manager of a company or even a potential customer) by entering a part of an email from the same options found. Also, when you enter an email, this plugin displays the email owner’s information.

5. LinkedIn

Many people think that this site is just a place to upload a resume. While this site is one of the most important applications that help sellers find their potential customers. In particular, it has a payment service called Sales Navigator that recommends leads so that sellers can track and store them. This sales tool with its advanced algorithm is very effective in finding customers to sell more.

6. Insidesales

This platform does the analysis for you. For example, it can tell you exactly when is the best time to track and contact a particular customer. On the other hand, this platform predicts for which customer you should spend more time, which customer is more likely to buy, and finally what steps you should take to complete the transaction.

7. Apttus

The software is used to manage contracts, which is based on the software infrastructure of Salesforce (one of the largest software companies) and its system helps companies (in any industry) to reduce contract risk, manage it and Be able to trade more in less time.


Sales Tricks

Today, customers are active people who connect with different brands and businesses through social media. Old-fashioned ways are no longer for customers, and they are looking for entertaining and attractive programs to buy or use different services. Successful businesses use up-to-date and attractive tricks to retain their customers. Here are some of the tricks:

1. Creating golden opportunities

One of the most important ways to increase sales of products or services is to create golden opportunities. Because the time of these opportunities is limited, the customer is encouraged to buy as soon as possible. Examples include multi-day auctions or discounted services over a period of time. Of course, in order to get better results, you must first announce these opportunities long ago with prior planning so that current customers and potential customers are aware of it.

2. Packages

Sometimes to increase the sales of your products, you can package some of them according to their common features (such as color, design, theme or anything else) and sell them as a special package. You can also package several products together and sell them at a price where each of the package products is less expensive than a single sale. Of course, be careful when categorizing and integrating packages (for example, offer them for a specific age group).

3. Arranging special programs

Customers love fun apps (especially in restaurants and online stores). See the following examples:

  • Special season sale or occasional sale: Sell ​​products or services that are related to the season in a special way (auction, discount, package, etc.) for a limited time. Nowruz holiday specials or the last auction of season two are very common.
  • Random gift: One of the tricks is to increase sales that will motivate customers to your products or services. For example, you can specify in your store (or website) that every Monday the 97th customer receives a gift of their choice. This gift can be an e-book, a software package or even a free t-shirt. Do not worry about the loss, because the cost of this gift will be reimbursed by many customers who come to you to try their luck.
  • Competition: This also has a huge impact on sales and attracts customers. Arranging a small contest with a gift (which is not very expensive) can be very effective in increasing sales. For example, organize a contest in your restaurant and have a free dessert or snack for the winner.
  • Live music and family entertainment: These programs help your customers stay committed to your business location (even websites). For example, customers may spend more time at your workplace (or website) to finish their favorite music. During this time, they may turn their attention to other products (which they did not notice) and thus increase your sales.
  • Donate to charity: Charity programs are also very effective in attracting customers. For example, announce that for a certain amount of purchase, 5% of the amount will be paid to a charity (specify which charity).

4. Reward the buyer for encouraging more purchases

  • General orders: Usually try to get valuable rewards (which do not cost much) for customers who buy in bulk.
  • Gift with purchase: Most customers enjoy shopping with a small gift. Try to put small gifts next to buying some products.
  • free delivery: To encourage customers to buy more (especially in online services) you can announce that for a certain amount of purchase, the cost of sending products will be free.
  • Join the customer club: One of the best ways to increase sales in online services is to create a customer club with benefits such as newsletters, discount coupons and the like. First set a fee to join the club and then announce that those who buy up to a certain limit can join for free. Some internet service providers give points to their club customers for each renewal and timely payment, and they can receive benefits such as free volume and the like for their points.

5. Warranty for service

Providing a guarantee can eliminate the risk that the customer feels and increase sales. For example, say that the service provided has a 90-day money back or exchange guarantee.

8. Additional services

You can add other services to your service. For example, when you are servicing a heating package, tell the customer that we can clean the radiators for you for a small amount of money. Do you want us to do this for you?

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