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How did e-commerce change the world?

How did e-commerce change the world?


What you read in this article:

  • History of the Internet in the world
  • History of e-commerce from shipbuilding to the present day
  • Mission and mission of E-Commerce
  • The Five Steps to E-Commerce


E-Commerce, a Revolution in the Electronic World

E-commerce is a concept that has changed the world a lot and changed lives. E-commerce includes information, sales, purchases, exchange of goods, etc. All these activities are done through the Internet.

In this type of business, the exchange of information takes place through text, audio and video, and this type of information exchange is of great importance.

The advent of Internet businesses and new businesses is a kind of revolution in the world that changed traditional businesses and removed many restrictions and created countless jobs.



History of the Internet in the world

Internet stands for interconnected networks (interconnected networks), which consists of a set of computer networks that are connected to each other through telephone lines, satellite, etc. to transfer information faster than a computer Send to another computer.

The history of the Internet dates back to the 1960s. When the US Department of Defense launched an agency to expand information technology. Many people have been involved in the creation and advancement of the Internet, including Paul Baran. The Internet is like a building that every person has added a piece to.



History E-commerce from to the present day

Shipbuilding in 2000 BC boosted world trade. The connection between commerce and e-commerce has been around for a long time. In the beginning, the new business was used only for information, and companies used to advertise in this way.

The beginning of the new business can be traced back to 1965, when people received their money from ATMs and bought with credit cards.

At the time, e-commerce was the equivalent of electronic data interchange (the father of e-commerce today). The goal of Internet businesses, from ancient times to the present day, is to make more money and profit. One of these thriving businesses is Amazon.

Over the years, with the expansion of the Internet and the development of hardware manufacturing in the world and the reduction of prices in this field, this type of business has expanded greatly, and small companies must enter this type to achieve success and compete with large companies. Be traded.

The revolution that e-commerce has given small companies the hope and opportunity to do business with large companies.



There are many reasons to use electronic exchanges, three of which are discussed below:

  • Reduce paper use and paper exchanges
  • High speed and easier things
  • Better access to information and reduced data re-entry

E-commerce activities

Activities that take place in new business are:

  • Fast digital content submission
  • Transfer of funds
  • Buy and sell stocks
  • Provide after-sales service
  • Issuance of bill of lading

Advantages of e-commerce

The advantages of online businesses include the following:

  • Speed ​​up and facilitate business processes
  • Eliminate unnecessary and unnecessary processes in business
  • reduction in costs
  • Improve coordination
  • Improve access to different markets
  • Increase diversity for customers



Mission and mission of E-Commerce

The mission and mission of each organization determines the purpose and reason for the existence of the organization. In addition to defining the vision of the organization, this mission also determines the orientations of the managers of the organization.

The mission of e-commerce includes the following elements:

1- Commitment to stakeholders

The e-commerce organization must meet the expectations of employees, managers, investors and all those who benefit from this organization.

2- Defining the scope of business

This organization must determine the scope of its activities and determine its activities in this market.

3- Identifying the resources and skills to create a competitive advantage in the electronic market

The e-commerce organization must identify the skills that are considered to be an advantage for its competitor in business. The existence of an electronic marketplace is not in itself a competitive advantage.

4 – The future perspective of the organization to the electronic market

The mission of this new business determines the philosophy of the e-market and is forward-looking. Unlike e-mission, the prospect of e-commerce is forward-looking.

Organizational mission can be considered as the cornerstone of e-commerce, which uses the mission of e-commerce, trying to achieve a favorable vision in the future.

New trade frameworks

New business frameworks can be divided into three levels:

Part One: Infrastructure

This part of the e-commerce framework includes the following:

  • Hard separation
  • software
  • Databases and communication
Part II: Services

This section includes services that provide information and trade exchanges and make the field easier for such activities.

Section 3: E-Commerce Products

This part of the new business framework includes the following:

  • Direct forecasting and procurement of commercial goods and services
  • Share information inside and outside the organization
  • Establishing an electronic market environment
  • Provision and support


The Five Steps to E-Commerce

Internet businesses consist of 5 stages that all companies and organizations are trying to reach the final stages.

In e-commerce, companies and organizations first seek to set up a site to introduce their product to the customer and thus create a showcase to present their products to the world.

In the next step, all information including product information, services, complete description of them, etc. will be placed in the database and users can register their orders through the website. At this stage, there is still infrastructure to be updated and payments are made traditionally.

At a higher level, users can interact with the site administrator and exchange questions about goods or services.

In the fourth stage, online payment is provided for users and users can make their online purchases completely safely.

In the final stage of these five steps, the systems between the seller and the buyer will be integrated with the systems of the organization and will be fully integrated.

In such a way that if a product is sold, it will be automatically deducted from the inventory of the warehouse and an order will be issued to the warehouse to buy a replacement product, and everything will be done with full integration. Any organization that can go through all five steps has achieved complete success in this area.

In this article, you will learn about the history and infrastructure of e-commerce. A business that we all deal with and that we need to be familiar with to succeed in our business.


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