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Give up, you can not be everything to the customer

Give up, you can not be everything to the customer

There is a basic rule in marketing that is definitely true: You can not be everything to the customer.

It may seem strange, but only a small group of your customers are loyal customers, show yourself for this. This is better for you than trying to attract everyone.

It is impossible to create a business and market the brand in a way that serves everyone. In the first place, you can not always satisfy everyone, and secondly, you can not offer everything that everyone always wants. It is impossible.

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However, when running a business, we seek to maximize our opportunities, so we avoid saying no. We want to please everyone and give people everything they want, so we always say yes.

We want to give everything to everyone

As a result, we strive to reach a wider range of product and service features so that we can be as close as possible to delivering everything to everyone. By doing this, we feel better; Because we feel we are reducing risk and retaining opportunities.

In fact, it is quite the opposite

When we try to be everything to everyone, we run the risk of being nothing to anyone. Eventually our business offerings and brand promise are undermined in an effort to be as broad as possible.

Give up, you can not be everything to the customer

We offer something and our potential customers go for other options. In the end, we get much less than we expected, which is overwhelming.

As an entrepreneur, we end up trying to do all this with limited resources. It gives us a sense of time and productivity. But it really is the opposite. We do a lot of work that does not produce the results we are looking for in the end.

So what should small business owners or entrepreneurs do?

Be specific about your business assets. Specialize in the skills that best fit your customers. Do not try to do everything; Do what you are best at. Focus on offers that really make you better than your competitors. Focus on your competitive advantage; Make them the core of your business. When you come across special offers, you will find that you can make them even better and more innovative as an expert in your chosen field. Your goal is to “be the best option for one or two things”, not to be average in a group.

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Choose a target customer that matches your skills. Once you’ve figured out what you’re best at, select customers who are most likely to want that specialty. Your goal must be strongly defined by the target customers so that you can own a high percentage of their business. While it may feel good to reach out to a larger audience, your business will eventually get smaller, as only a small percentage will be interested in your skills.

Seek loyalty. Once you have identified your ideal customer base, create a loyalty program that engages them and satisfies them over and over again. Doing business with existing customers is much easier than gaining new customers, so use their positive experiences to create more interactions. Also, ask them to share their experiences within their networks. Your goal should be to build a strong base of fans who have fallen in love with your brand and cannot live without your services.

Give up, you can not be everything to the customer

Create a path of innovation. Now that you have created a special expertise for your specific customer base, make sure you continue to evolve and improve your offer. Innovation keeps customers interested and inclined to buy more with each repetition of a new link.

Choose your position. This may be the hardest part, but keeping your loyal customers is more important than ever. Try to know what matters in your customers’ lives and take a stand on it. Every day we see more and more that brands take a stand on social, political and economic issues to show customers that they live with them.

It may seem strange, but you are developing stronger loyalty among your customer base, and this is more important to your business than anything else. Your goal should be to understand what matters most to your customers so you can talk about it and see how your business and brand can create added value. The customer expects you to choose your position; Failure to do so will easily distance you.

Give up, you can not be everything to the customer

Striving to be everything to everyone is a quick way for a brand that has no meaning and no customer base to participate in. A business that lacks a strong future. In contrast, focus, innovation and expertise create exactly what you strive for:“Realizing the brand experience.” Extremely loyal customers and a bright future resulting from smart innovation are the result of your performance.

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