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Customer support, why and how?

Customer support, why and how?

People these days are less inclined to make their purchases based on brand loyalty, but rather to make their purchasing decisions based on customer support service. This means that the company that has a better customer support service has a chance to be able to attract customers.

Customer support service is one of the important factors that influence customers’ purchasing decisions. The quality of customer service is also the basis for the level of trust in companies.

According to a recent study by Dimensional Research in Sanville, California: “It has never been so challenging to place expectations on the best customer service. There are so many ways for customers to reach you today. “Startups will achieve great results when they surprise customers with excellent service.”

You can impress your customers more by doing these three things

Specify expectations

When a customer asks you a question or shares a problem with you, they are easily disappointed if it takes a long time to respond to them or solve the problem. What frustrates customers is that you keep quiet about them, delay their response, or procrastinate.

How can expectations be set first? When a customer writes to you, you should immediately reply to them that their note has reached you and marked it with a unique number so that they can contact you with the same number whenever they want.

Customer support, why and how?

You can also tell your customers, “We’ll get back to you in 60 minutes.” In some cases, in order to be able to solve some customer problems well, you need more time than the specified time for the customer to be able to investigate the issue and find a solution. In such cases, sometimes it is necessary to spend more than 24 hours to solve the problem. In this case, be sure to call your customer and tell them how much time we need to be able to solve their problem.

If you want to make your customers happy, try your best to solve their problem temporarily to reduce their hassle, then look for a permanent solution to the problem.

Have a customer support representative

Customers get upset and frustrated when they are referred from one salesperson to another. People believe that when they are referred among the sellers, they receive services of medium quality, which in most cases, their assumption is correct. In a study, about 72% of people said they needed to explain their problem to several people.

Startups allow every customer service agent to respond to every customer, although this is not always practical. Often problems are not solved by engineers and accountants. In such cases, an initial customer service officer in your organization has to talk to the customer whenever possible. This means that they must be the first to talk to the customer. They must be in personal contact with the customer to satisfy the customer.

Solve problems quickly

When customers feel that their problems are solved quickly, they feel happy. In this study, the percentage of respondents stated that good customer service is the service that solves problems quickly. To be more effective, you can provide customer service through various methods such as online support and live chat as well as free calls.

Customer support, why and how?

In order to provide appropriate and effective customer service, try to solve their problem in the shortest time, because this way you have a winning card compared to other sellers who will respond to their customers in a longer time than you. The most successful startups are those who do everything to make their customers happy.

How do you influence your customers? Let us know what you think about this.

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