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Become a freelancer; 15 things you can do as a freelancer!

Become a freelancer; 15 things you can do as a freelancer!

Today, earning money is like a war, and everyone is involved in this conflict with a different weapon. One hires, another runs a store, some seek entrepreneurship and start a start-up, and some choose telecommuting and other ways to make a living.

Of all the ways to earn money, the freelancer method, which some call liberalization or remuneration, has received the most attention, and more and more people are choosing this method of business. Becomes.
Who is a freelancer? Who is called a freelancer?

The simplest definition of a freelancer is: a person, without committing to a specific organization or business and company, performs his professional and specialized activities for different groups and depending on the needs and projects in Accessibility changes your employer. This method is fundamentally different from telecommuting, according to which a person without a long-term commitment promises to do a certain job for a specified fee to a service applicant.

Freelancing can change not only your career path, but also your life, leading to more money, being your own boss, having a great schedule, and working where you want to be.

Liberalism, the road to success:

According to a 2011 report by the Financial Times, the number of freelancers in the UK grew by 12% from 2008 to 2011. This growth has increased significantly in recent years, and in the United States, 35% of the workforce (more than 53 million people) is now self-employed or freelancers. More interestingly, a very high percentage of freelancers are satisfied with their lifestyle and work, and more than half of them deny the impact of economic problems on their business.

Why are freelancers satisfied with the way they work?

    Freelancers are their own boss. Although they all deal with clients in their area of ​​expertise, they feel more free in their activities because they have no commitment to a particular organization. In addition, before the customer decides what he wants, freelancers each personally set principles and rules to face less problems and difficulties.
    Earns money.
    Suitable for everyone. despite their ability, have many problems for which it is not possible to work in a company full time. Some have a mental illness or disability that makes it impossible for them to work normally. Some people do not want to work eight hours a day for a company. In addition, some people, despite working full time, like to have extra income. For all these people, freelancing is a good way to go.

Which businesses?

Here are some businesses that you need skills to do, not a college degree, join us.

  1. Translator

This is one of the most popular jobs that freelancers choose. At the same time, it will be one of the easiest things to do if you are fluent in two or more languages. Of course, in some cases a valid certificate for these languages ​​may be required.

  1. Real Estate Advisor

Many real estate consultants, once licensed, start their own business selling homes, real estate and commercial stores. In this job, which is based on commission, the more you sell, the higher your income will be. Your income represents the amount of work you do in sales.

With various advertising sites such as trumpets, walls, etc., you can publish properties and lands online to find more customers.

  1. Private tutor

You do not need a teaching license to help others learn. It does not matter if you teach math, music or French, if you are good at something that students need help with, you can hire a tutor or take an online course.

  1. Beauty

Most people in the beauty industry (hairdressers, beauticians and nail specialists) are self-employed and work contractually and independently. An expert can rent a booth in a salon, choose his working hours and set prices, as well as manage his clients. There are also freelance opportunities for these people in film, theater, advertising.

5. Copywriters

Copy Writers are separate from content marketers and writers. These people specialize in writing content and descriptions for companies’ products and services on Internet sites. The income of each copywriter depends on the experience and skills of each person.

  1. Online coach

From guides to nutrition advice, people are always eager to get information and advice. Being an online mentor allows you to help and guide others.

  1. Consultant

Do you have IT skills? Do you have experience in starting a startup? Do you have experience managing social networks? Do you have financial accounting knowledge? By providing consulting services, you can turn any kind of reliable skills or work experience you have into your own business.

The deeper the level of expertise you offer, the more successful you will be. Management, business and technology consultants can earn a good annual income.

  1. Blog and article author

If you are a skilled writer and enjoy being your own boss, you can write for other sites or even start your own blog. There are always job opportunities for writers on most freelance design sites.

  1. Personal trainer

You may need a license to become a fitness instructor or coach, but for those who love sports, this is a great career path. With the advent of social media, now is the best time for bodybuilders to connect with clients and start an online personal coaching business.

  1. Social network management

Everyone knows how to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, right? Not necessarily and certainly not as a business. According to a small business survey, about 25% of people do not use social networks. This may have seemed surprising in previous years, but now that the online world has become so important, it should come as no surprise.

Many businesses need someone to take control of their social media. If you are one of those people who spends a lot of time on social media, you can make money this way. Use your knowledge of social media to be your own boss.

  1. Graphic designer

Graphic design ranks second for the skills required by the UpWork site. In this work, you will implement web site design projects, infographics or print-appropriate designs. Having a portfolio is also crucial in this case.

  1. Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Search engine optimization (SEO) in the world of liberalization is one of the most popular and in-demand jobs. Because everyone wants to be ranked higher in Google or other search engines. If you want to enter this field, you must have a proven work sample so that customers trust you.

  1. Web Developer

If you know how to design and code websites, we must say that your bread is in oil! Today, everyone is looking for a personal, corporate or service website but do not have the skills and time to design it. This is where you come in and use your skills to earn a good salary.

marketing consultant

  1. Marketing Consultant

You may have participated in several projects ranging from Google campaigns to social media and content production. When you can make a name for yourself in this field, you will see that a flood of projects will come to you. Like public relations consultants, it is best to prepare strong portfolios to showcase your work.

  1. Android developer

Finding a job as an Android developer and earning money as an Android developer may seem a bit daunting, but the growing use of new technologies and the expanding needs of the community can be good news for Android developers because today the status of applications Mobile is popular among people as a tool for receiving and offering services, perhaps even more than websites.

One way to earn money from Android programming is to create your own application and publish it on Google Play or non-toxic and local Android markets and sell virtual items in the form of in-app payments or add ads. (Banner, etc.) In the application, think about monetization, of course, there is an almost obsolete way, and that is the direct sale of the application, which the user installs the application for a fee.

You should always have acceptable and quality portfolios so that you can provide them with your portfolio at the request of the employer. This is important so that the employer knows you deserve the job.

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