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8 Strategies to increase customer satisfaction and ways to measure it

8 Strategies to increase customer satisfaction and ways to measure it

One of the most important indicators of success in any business is customer satisfaction (Customer Satisfaction). Customer satisfaction provides a fundamental perspective on customer issues and improving business performance (in relation to products or services). A 2008 survey found that in general, what drives customers away is not the high prices of products or services, but poor customer relationships and customer dissatisfaction.

Why is customer satisfaction important?

In general, the main reasons for the importance of customer satisfaction are:

  • Customer Loyalty: Satisfied customer reuses products or services and stays loyal.
  • Distinction: Businesses that provide a high level of customer satisfaction will be different from their competitors.
  • Reduce customer churn.
  • Reduce customer grudges against others: It is estimated that any dissatisfied customer can dissuade 9 to 15 people from buying a company’s products or services with their negative words!
  • Retaining existing customers is cheaper than attracting new customers.

Strategies to increase customer satisfaction

Strategies to increase customer satisfaction

The fact is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all customers, and even the most successful businesses may have a number of dissatisfied customers, yet it is important to have a customer-centric mindset that helps in decision-making and business management. There are a wide range of strategies to increase customer satisfaction, here are some of them:

1. Focus on measuring customer satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction is very important. This makes it easy to gauge the performance of the company or any other business.

2. Reward loyal customers

Rewarding a loyal customer, even if it is a very small and low-cost thing, is valuable to the customer and increases his satisfaction.

3. Connect with customers

Customer relationship and customer satisfaction are very closely related. If you leave your customers after buying your products or using your services, how can you satisfy them? To do this, just one CRM software You need to categorize and update large amounts of customer contact information and data through it. Customer feedback is also an integral part of CRM. Ask customers what they think of your services and products. Gather their feedback, requests, and grievances, and most importantly, address them.

4. Do not neglect social media

Use various social media such as social networks, live chat programs and the like to communicate with the customer.

5. Consider the satisfaction of your employees

Employee satisfaction is very important

Keep your employees happy and appreciative of their positive behavior, performance and energy at work. Doing so will motivate them to provide more valuable customer service.

6. Personalization

Treat each customer in a way that makes them feel different to you. For example, congratulate him on his birthday, use his name instead of the word “dear customer” in the email you send him, and so on.

7. Eliminate or manage waiting time

Try to provide services as quickly as possible. Customers prefer a place where the business process is simple and easy. Avoid complicated business formalities and processes.

8. Ask your customers what method they prefer to respond to

Each customer prefers a private method. For example, for online users, email is a standard method. This allows them to remain anonymous; Something that is usually important for online users. They may indicate their contact number, but it may come as a surprise to them if you call them. So first make sure of their preferred method.

Measuring customer satisfaction

Surveys and questionnaires to measure customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is measurable and is an important measure of business performance. There are many different ways to measure customer satisfaction, but the most important are:

1. Survey (Survey)

Polls are conducted in different ways:

  • Questionnaire setting: The questionnaire is prepared as a raw form with questions based on customer satisfaction with the company’s performance. To set up this form, you must consider the following:
    • The audience of the product or service is a group of people in the community
    • What should be measured?
    • Questions should be in the form of scoring options so that customers can rate them verbally or numerically.
  • Website or application survey: This type of survey is usually included in the form of one or two short questions on the site or application and examines customer satisfaction.
  • Survey after service or product sale: In this type of survey, immediately after purchasing the customer or providing services to him, his satisfaction or dissatisfaction is questioned. This can be done by email or even by phone. Of course, making phone calls is a bit difficult, as the customer may not be able to easily express their opinion over the phone.
  • Email Poll: In this type of survey, a few short questions are emailed to the customer and his satisfaction or dissatisfaction is asked.

2. Scoring customer satisfaction (Customer Satisfaction Score: CSAT)

It is one of the most standard methods in which the average score of each customer is considered. The scoring range can be from 1-3 or 1-5 or 1-10. Based on this, customers evaluate their satisfaction with the product or service.

3. Advertisers Net Score (Net Promoter Score: NPS)

The score calculated in this way tells you how likely it is that customers will recommend your services or products to others from 0 to 10. To do this, you have to count the number of points from 9 to 10 and in contrast, subtract the number of points from 0 to 6.

The last word

Always say this to your customers in any way you can:

“Your opinion is important to us and we are ready to change ourselves based on your suggestions.”

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