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12 High-paying jobs in freelancing and telecommuting

12 High-paying jobs in freelancing and telecommuting

Are you familiar with high-paying freelance jobs? Some people see freelancing as a hobby and are unaware of the benefits of being a freelancer. You can work from home and earn money or give your profession more independence. For whatever reason, you probably want to get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Freelancers to get a good start on your new career path.

Freelance Jobs

Here are 12 of the most lucrative freelance jobs you can look at.

Customer service support

Many businesses need support to help solve users’ problems and questions. Most companies are currently facing a lot of contacts due to Quid 19 disease. On the other hand, some businesses, such as movie distribution services or Internet service providers, may face increasing technical questions online.

  • Skills required

To be able to help more customers, you need to have strong communication, listening and problem-solving skills. The more problems you solve, the more likely you are to work long hours and eventually earn more.

In-person assistant

We all need to adjust our daily routine sometimes. The same is true for companies. Many businesses need additional support to support their management tasks, which may include making phone calls, answering emails, transcribing, and organizing software files. Best of all, all of these things can be done at home.

  • Skills required

Ideally you should have experience in office management. This way you can have a relatively lucrative job. With work experience, employers will trust you to do their work at home. It is very important that you communicate well, and when creating an online resume, be careful to identify your strengths in the best possible way. This can be done quickly using the resume website.


If you have the ability to translate one or more foreign languages, you can easily earn money as a freelancer at home. Not only do you need to translate written and spoken words into one or more languages, but you also need to apply appropriate text and references.

  • Necessary skills

Professional knowledge of foreign languages ​​as well as a strong understanding of international culture are the requirements of a translator. For example, you might translate an article that mentions specific ethnic rituals, or you should translate a poem that preserves the poet’s feelings.

There are also many words that translate word-for-word with no particular meaning, so when translating you should consider the terms and most importantly have strong writing and research skills.


Whether you are transcribing legal, medical or sports documents, your daily tasks include typing recorded sounds. Your salary depends on the company you work for, the speed of typing and the amount of transcription work. You can easily do the transcription work at home and around the clock, making it one of the most lucrative freelance jobs.

  • Skills required

Can you type between 50 and 80 words in one minute? You need to practice your typing speed because it will take you about four to five hours to type in about an hour of recorded audio. To speed up typing, you can use typing software such as Keybr or TypingClub online.

Manager of social networks

One of the most lucrative freelance jobs; Making money from social media is known as social media manager or social media coordinator and is one of the most sought after freelance jobs in 2020. Businesses often need a social media manager to grow their business and raise brand awareness.

  • Skills required

Extraordinary skills in posting and writing social media content; Subtitling movies; Understand the subtle difference between social channels (Instagram and Pinterest are visual, but LinkedIn needs to write an article, Facebook is full of informative content, while Twitter is used to share news).


One of the most lucrative freelance jobs is the copywriter job, which again has been introduced as the most sought after job in 2020. Copywriters dominate digital marketing strategies around the world.

  • Skills required

Needless to say, extraordinary writing skills are one of the skills a copywriter needs. Here, too, it is important to understand the subtle differences between social channels.

Computer game developer is one of the most lucrative freelance jobs

Just like site design, game programming involves planning, designing, and building software using coding. Instead of programming a website, you will program video games for computers, mobile phones, or game consoles. Computer game programming is not only one of the most lucrative freelance jobs, but also one of the most entertaining.

  • Skills required 

needed for web development, you need skills in different programming languages ​​like C #, C ++ and so on. By nature, you have to be very interested in video games and be creative and analytical. In terms of software, you should have information in areas such as animation, multimedia design, digital graphics and concept art.

Familiarity with high-paying freelance jobs – film editor

You are responsible for editing and converting videos. Movie editing includes cropping videos, adding subtitles, implementing special effects, and more.

  • Skills required

If you do not have a degree or qualification to produce multimedia films or similar, you can take various courses and learn how to use the software. The most important movie editing software you need to master are Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Elements.

Public Relations Consultant Your role will vary depending on the client, but usually you know how to execute press releases; Provide advice on public announcements, business events, and more. Your job is to make sure that the customer conveys the information to the users in the most effective way in order to create public interest in the product, service or company.

  • Skills required

To become a public relations consultant you must have previous experience in public relations, so creating a strong work sample is crucial. Ideally, you also need a bachelor’s degree in public relations with marketing and at least one or two years of work experience.

Graphic Designer

The graphic designer will design brochures, magazines, advertisements and business reports. Your idea is to introduce customers to a product or brand through art design, colors, designs and beauty concepts.

  • Skills required

In addition to artistic skills, you should have excellent skills and experience with photo editing software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Paying attention to detail should set your business apart from other competitors. Understanding the graphic design skills and experience that customers are looking for in a design should help you prioritize the most appropriate skills.

What are the most lucrative freelance jobs?

Web Developer First of all you need to know that development is different from design. A web designer focuses on website design, while a developer mostly fixes problems and develops new pages using coding, adds new features, and fixes problems.

Coding and programming are among the unique skills of these people. Most companies are willing to pay a high price to hire professional and skilled developers, and this has become one of the most lucrative freelance jobs. As a web developer, you need to monitor the performance of various software, create new applications, and do a lot of coding work.

  • Skills required

You need to know how to program and code. It takes time and money to become a top programmer. Once you have practiced developing some applications, you should display your work as an online portfolio. One of the most important programs you need to learn is JavaScript; C , PHP pointed out.

Web designer is one of the most lucrative freelance jobs

Interested in computers but want to get more creative? So you should try web design instead of web development. As a web designer, you need to know the design, layout and capabilities of a website, and you may also be asked to use coding to customize some pages.

  • Skills required

To be successful, you need to understand web design processes such as UX, typography, e-commerce and interactive design. As mentioned, you may need to code. However, web design and coding are two digital skills that you can easily learn through online courses at home.


If you spend months on skills but can’t demonstrate them, it’s almost useless. You will not succeed in your business if you can not show excellent resumes or portfolios to employers. Getting into the freelance world can be easy, you have to create a resume and create your own portfolio. Subscribe to freelance websites like Carito and introduce yourself to employers.

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